Romantic Dinner Ideas for a Memorable Valentine’s Date

Romantic Dinner for a Valentine’s Date – ‘Rose Sauce Chop Steak’

Recommended Valentine’s Day dinner menu, great with chop steak and shrimp pasta! Valentine’s Day is a special day to make a shy confession to the person you like, giving sweet chocolate and having a nice dinner together. Usually, on this day, they would always buy and eat outside, but these days, they even enjoy small home parties just for couples.

Romantic Dinner for a Valentine's Date - 'Rose Sauce Chop Steak'

I am also trying to enjoy preparing for a home party for the first time in a while. So, it consists of pus beef chopsteak, shrimp cream pasta, Coco Bruna Belgian chocolate cake, and Coco Bruna New York cheesecake. I was given fresh eggs as an event for my first purchase. I feel proud because I got the opportunity to buy groceries at a low price.

Rose Sauce Chop Steak

This is the chop steak I made for lunch. Since rose sauce is hot, I made a nice chop steak sauce by adding a little bit of pork cutlet sauce to the commercially available rose sauce. This is a super simple recipe that uses an extremely commercially available sauce. Since the sauces are already seasoned to taste, it’s no secret that the chop steak is also seasoned!! It’s delicious to eat on its own, or you can top it with rice and mix it with rice. And if you boil spaghetti and mix it, it becomes tomato pasta. Pasta isn’t difficult, right?

Rose Sauce Chop Steak

Chop Steak Rose Sauce

300g of beef (scallion), onion, green pepper, carrot, button mushroom, tomato, salt, pepper, and a little flour


1 cup rose sauce (tomato sauce + whipped cream), 4 tablespoons pork cutlet sauce, 1 tablespoon red pepper paste, 1/2 tablespoon sugar

The commercial rose sauce and pork cutlet sauce I used. I didn’t mean to, but somehow it turned out to be the same brand. If you don’t have rose sauce and only have tomato sauce, you can add fresh cream or milk. Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces, and peel and cut the tomatoes.

Rose Sauce Chop Steak

​Drain the blood from the fan meat, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and season with salt and pepper. Cover with flour and leave for about 5 minutes for the flour to soak in. Heat the pan and fry the beef until golden brown first. Add the hard vegetables and stir-fry briefly. Pour in water (chicken broth), then add the remaining vegetables and boil. Add the rose sauce and simmer. If you add red pepper paste and a little sugar, it will taste a little more like Korean and will be even better. Is it better to have a little bit of beef and plenty of vegetables?

Rose Sauce Chop Steak

​This time of year, ciabatta bread makes a great brunch, and if you mix it with rice or pasta, it’s a great menu item that becomes a main dish. Chop steak, put it on rice and mix it up and it’s great! There’s no way something like this can’t be delicious. It goes really well with yellow Cordyceps sinensis rice. I like to cook, so what do I eat every night? I’m worried.

Rose Sauce Chop Steak

Dinner for a Valentine’s Home Date – ‘Octopus Yeonpotang’

Live octopus tangtangi and yeonpotang are dinner dishes that I made and ate three weeks ago. I went to the fish market near my house and bought 1 kg of live octopus, but this ignorant guy naturally thought that they would cut the live octopus at the store. Please cut it brightly, boss! He says this, but the boss’s expression is…. What is this guy?? With this look on his face, he said that I would have to do the maintenance myself. So when I said I had never done it before, he kindly explained how to do it. It is said that the season for octopus is from September to February of the following year. It is also a very famous food ingredient as a health food because it helps raise even cows that have fallen due to lack of strength!

Dinner for a Valentine's Home Date - 'Octopus Yeonpotang'

Material Introduction

3~4 live octopus, soybean paste, champignon oil, minced garlic, 1/5 radish, 1 Cheongyang pepper, half a spoonful of chicken stock, two cups of water

When I bought live octopus, there were about 7 of them per kilo. First, let’s eat 3-4 fish first and make yeonpo-tang (pork stew) for the rest. We make a plan and start preparing them. The live octopus was very tasty. It still sticks to my hands and doesn’t come off easily, so it’s a bit of a hassle to take it off. After washing the live octopus several times in running water, place it in a bowl, sprinkle coarse salt on it, and remove any foreign matter remaining on the live octopus sucker by rubbing it well with your hands. Then wash it again under running water several times. Because it is eaten raw, cleaning is very important.

Octopus Yeonpotang

Now, hold the head of the live octopus, turn it over, peel it, and remove the internal organs. There is a space between the head and the body, and if you flip that part over, the head will easily turn over. After removing the internal organs, wash them again with running water. After washing, remove it by pushing the mouth inside the body with your fingers. Remove the live octopus eyes with a knife as well. After washing, hold the head of the live octopus with your hand and mercilessly slash its moving legs with a knife. When you hit it like this, bang! bang! bang! I remember seeing on TV one day that it was called Sanoctopus Tangtang because of the sound it makes. Don’t forget to be careful with your hands when slashing with a knife!

Octopus Yeonpotang

Making a Super Simple YeonPoTang

Since the main event was live octopus soup, I made Yeonpotang very simply. First, pour about two cups of water into the pot, roughly chop the radish and roughly chop the Cheongyang pepper, put it in the pot and boil. When the water starts to boil, add about half a spoonful of chicken stock and check the seasoning. Once the seasoning is right, immediately add the washed live octopus and boil for 2 to 3 minutes. If you cook the octopus too long, it will become tough, so don’t cook it too long!

Octopus Yeonpotang

​When I go to a raw fish restaurant and eat live octopus, I always feel disappointed because the portion is not enough, but on this day, I ate so much live octopus that I was full. It was also served with the refreshing and spicy soup of Yeonpo-tang, so it was perfect as a side dish with alcohol. I hope you eat the octopus dish that is in season right now and cheer yourself up to get through the chilly weather.

Octopus Yeonpotang

Dinner for a Valentine’s Home Date – ‘Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap’

These days, rather than just filling up at one meal, I try to plan a healthy diet and make nutritious home-cooked meals. I used to cook rice every time, but I wanted to make a proper meal by cooking rice with healthy grains if possible, so I changed my meal plan to oat rice first.

Dinner for a Valentine's Home Date - 'Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap'

Introduction to Materials Department

Oat rice, lettuce, 1/2 green onion, half an onion, a few mushrooms, 2T soybean paste, 1T red pepper paste, 1/3 cup water, 1/3T minced garlic, 1T sesame oil, 3T chopped nuts.

Introduction to Materials Department

Lettuce Ssambap Rice Seasoning

Sesame oil, salt, sesame seeds

 Make Nut Ssamjang

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.

Lightly fry the nuts you have at home in a pan and finely chop or grind them. Chop the vegetables for the ssamjang. Heat oil in a pan and stir-fry the vegetables first. Then, pour in water, add soybean paste, red pepper paste, minced garlic, sugar, and sesame oil and stir-fry. Then add the ground nuts and fry them together.

Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap

​Recommended for a delicious home-cooked meal if you boil it until it simmers. This is the end of making nut ssamjang. It’s delicious even if you just make it and mix it over rice. Now that I’ve made the nut ssamjang, I need to heat up the pile of instant rice and oat rice in the microwave. Open slightly along the perforated line and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Healthy diet, making nut ssamjang and lettuce ssambap with piled oat rice, recommended home-cooked meal!

Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap

The warm pile of oat rice feels like freshly cooked rice, as if each grain of rice is still alive. Each grain of oat rice is alive, not only has a good texture, but also has a good smell and taste. These days, I have no appetite, so I am preparing home-cooked meals with oat rice. Now, put the oat rice in a bowl and season it with salt, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.

Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap

Lettuce ssambap, which is great to make and eat when you don’t have an appetite, is a healthy menu item that even children eat without meat. I think making ssambap, which is perfect for picnic lunch boxes and husband lunch boxes, tastes even better because each grain of rice is alive. Even when making ssambap, rice balls, and fried rice, we pursue texture and nutrition. Delicious instant rice pile-type oat rice is perfect for making a healthy diet at home. Now, we eat mixed grain rice rather than rice, so we eat oat rice without any aversion, so I think our home food menu will also be healthier now.

Nut Ssamjang Lettuce Ssambap

Dinner for a Valentine’s Home Date – ‘Grilled Galak Butter Shrimp ‘

It was a cool and cloudy weekend, and perhaps because it was fall, I felt a little more depressed than usual. I feel like I’m feeling down, and since it’s the weekend, I wonder if I can feel better if I make something delicious to eat with my family. I took out the frozen and prepared shrimp from the freezer and made grilled shrimp with garlic butter. The flavor of the butter makes people feel good. Also, shrimp are a delicious ingredient no matter how you eat them.

Dinner for a Valentine's Home Date - 'Grilled Galak Butter Shrimp '

So, I made butter-grilled shrimp and enjoyed it like a shrimp rice bowl. Unlike the weather, my mood lifted thanks to the positive response from my family. I had a good meal with a simple, delicious and satisfying weekend menu. How about grilled shrimp with garlic butter and grilled shrimp with butter? This is a simple shrimp dish that requires just shrimp, butter, and garlic. However, if you add butter from the beginning and fry it, it may burn.

Grilled Galak Butter Shrimp

Stir-fry garlic in oil, then add shrimp and cook. You have to add butter at the end and fry it to get butter garlic shrimp with good taste and flavor. When frying garlic in oil, you should fry it slowly over medium or medium-low heat. This will prevent the garlic from burning and bring out the flavor of the garlic so that it goes well with the butter. If you like it spicy, you can add pepperoncino and garlic and stir-fry it.

Grilled Galak Butter Shrimp

This time, I enjoyed adding Cheongyang pepper at the end instead of pepperoncino. I think the spicy Korean taste goes better when enjoyed as a rice bowl. I added green onions and onions to bring out the umami flavor and the fishy taste of the shrimp along with the sake. Adding a little anchovy sauce and lemon juice enhances the umami and flavor of the garlic butter grill. I was able to enjoy it more deliciously. I can’t feel the scent of lemon though.

Grilled Galak Butter Shrimp

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