Funny Valentines Date Drink – Romantic Atmosphere

Funny Valentines Date Drink – Wine

What kind of alcohol would suit our couple? Many couples are struggling to prepare for a memorable date. It’s nice to celebrate your anniversary at a nice restaurant, but if you want a more meaningful Valentine’s Day, you can try adding a twist to your date drink. Let’s learn about Valentine’s Day by trying a unique drink that fully reflects the taste and style of your partner.

Honeymoon Pear Fruit Wine

Let’s talk about Honeymoon Bae, which will make your sweet moments even more special. Honeymoon Pear is made by adding domestic pear juice and honey to a cider base made from domestic apple juice. The cool and refreshing pear, the rich sweetness of honey, and the indispensable sourness of apple cider are harmoniously combined. The bubbling bubbles provide a smooth down your throat. Add it to a variety of dishes, from rich cheese to Korean food. It is also perfect as a celebratory drink for anniversaries.

  • [ Main type: Fruit wine      ABV: 4.9%       Composition: 1 bottle (750 ml) ]


Honeymoon pear is a fruit liquor with an alcohol content of approximately 5 percent. It says it is a cider based on apple juice. So, the type is classified as apple cider, and the apple juice content is higher than the pear juice content.

Tasting Note

  • [ Sugar content: Sweetness       Acidity: Acidity           Carbonation: Sparkling ]
  1. Color & Homogeneity: It has a transparent, deep golden color reminiscent of pear peel.
  2. Fragrance: The refreshing scent of apple cider combines pleasantly with the scent of pear flesh and sweet honey.
  3. Taste: It boasts an excellent balance of the refreshing sweetness of the pear, the rich flavor of the honey, and the sourness of the apple.
  4. Down the throat: It goes down smoothly with a light carbonation and finishes clean and refreshing.

The taste of Honeymoon Pear is a non-sweet Somersby with the scent of pear added. As apple juice makes up 50% of the drink, it tastes more like apples, followed by the scent of pears.

[ Tip: This alcohol is not too sweet, so it is recommended to drink it with chocolate. Then put it in the refrigerator and drink it cold! ]

Honeymoon Pear Wine

Funny Valentines Date Drink – Chocolate Drink

Valentine’s Day is a day when, when you eat chocolate, you ask who gave it to you. A day when someone looks at you with anticipation just by looking at the chocolate on your desk. If you eat chocolate on this day, you will think a lot. That’s right, you can think of this as Valentine’s Day. Rather than going through the trouble of making chocolate and giving it as a gift, how about giving a special chocolate drink as a gift? This time, let’s gift a super simple chocolate drink!

Chocolate Banana Kick Milk

Chocolate milk that is simply sweet cannot satisfy a lover. If you want to drink chocolate milk, it must be at least chocolate banana kick milk. Although it looks simple on the outside, it is a combination drink that combines three small flavors. Did they put banana kick snacks on top of the chocolate milk? It tastes like chocolate milk on my tongue, but the banana scent keeps kicking my nose. I think the sweetness that hits your nose is love.

Chocolate Banana Kick Milk

Danish mint chocolate milk

This is the original unique chocolate milk. Just like during the Kingdom’s zombie era, the Mint Choco faction’s power increased. The drink I can’t drink without them is Danish mint chocolate milk, and even at Baskin Robbins, I only drink mint chocolate. These people say they won’t even have chocolate abs unless they’re mint colored. But if you ask why I recommend it, it’s because it’s a good opportunity to tell whether your lover is a civilian or a mint chocolate lover.

Danish mint chocolate milk

Vodka Mudshake Chocolate

You could call it chocolate milk for adults. The name is vodka, but convenience stores always have imported beer sections, so it’s treated like beer. It definitely tastes like chocolate milk, but there may be a bit of alcohol at the end. Once you try it, it’s so delicious that you’ll find yourself mixing soju with chocolate milk next time. The capacity is 200 millimeters, but it is a bit expensive.

Vodka Mudshake Chocolate


We recommend ‘Makkao’, the mud shake of ths not Macau, it’s Makkao (margeolli + cacao). It’s makgeolli with a chocolate flavor. No, you can even taste the makgeolli soaked in papico. On Valentine’s Day, Makkao served at taverns is the best.

Chocolate Drink

Funny Valentines Date Drink – Cocktail

Cocktail Negroni RTE

The Negroni alcohol content is 25%. (The alcohol flavor is very low.) The Negroni cocktail comes from Campari. Campari uses its own Campari liqueur to make the Negroni, making it a ready-to-eat product. will be. Selling these finished cocktails is also called RTE products. There is no need to prepare anything else, just prepare ice and eat it. It is highly recommended to eat it before eating.

What kind of people are looking  for  Campari?

  • [ Campari is a liqueur that is very popular in Europe as an aperitif. ]

Negroni RTE

Along with Aperol, Campari is consumed in large quantities like wine. Aperol is sold as Aperol Spirits, and Campari is sold as Negroni. Aperol ranked first in sales as a liqueur in Italy, and 3,800 bottles of Campari are sold every year around the world. Basically, Campari and Aperol have very pretty colors, so they are gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes, and thanks to their bitter, bitter taste, when you drink them before a meal, they increase your appetite tremendously.

Cocktail 'Negroni RTE'

In Korea, appetizers are generally not bitter, but overseas, it is common to eat bitter or completely sour appetizers. Negroni is a cocktail recommended as an aperitif, but it is quite bitter. Campari is definitely more bitter than Aperol, and Campari shows a perfect red-purple color. Aperol has an orange color and is less popular when used sparingly. When you mix Aperol with sparkling wine, you get a spritz, which is good to know as it is the number one liqueur in sales in Europe.

It’s incredibly pretty, but it tastes really bitter, so I wouldn’t recommend buying it if you’re not good at tasting bitter things. According to the cup, a splitter is a visual that definitely improves the appearance, so having one at home is a visual that definitely improves the appearance.

Cocktail 'Negroni RTE'

Funny Valentines Date Drink – Valentine’s Finest

Ballantine’s Whiskey

It is the brand of founder George Valentine. At the age of 19, he opened a grocery store in Scotland and began selling a variety of teas. As this blended tea became very popular, the momentum led to the advancement into whiskey blending, and now even people who don’t drink whiskey at all can drink it. This is the beginning of Ballantine’s Whiskey, a well-known representative blended whiskey.

The logo, decorated with two white horses, is the Valentine family crest and symbolizes the most basic ingredients needed to make whiskey, such as grain and water. There is a theory that the straight, flat, rectangular bottle was made during the Prohibition era to make it easier to hide in trunks, etc., but this does not seem to be a confirmed explanation.

Ballantine's Blended Whiskey


Ballantine’s Finest is produced in Scotland and features a blended Scotch whiskey with an alcohol content of 40%. The color of Valentine Pianist is golden and its scent is fruity and honey. It tastes like honey-covered pears and apples, with a hint of vanilla. Overall, it is soft and non-irritating.

How to Drink Valentine’s Finest

  • First, how to drink it straight!

Ballantine’s Finest is smooth overall and does not have a strong taste, so the flavor is well felt and harmonious even when drunk straight.

  • If you are uncomfortable with the high alcohol content of whiskey, it is a good idea to drink Ballantine’s Finest Under the Rocks. If you make it cold by putting 3-4 ice cubes in a cup and top it with Valentine’s Finest, the ice will be diluted and you can drink it refreshingly, making it softer and smoother.

Ballantine's Whiskey

Types of Valentine’s Whiskey

  • Valentine’s Best
  • 12 years of Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine Masters
  • Valentine 17 years
  • Valentine 21 years
  • Valentine’s 23 years
  • Valentine’s 30th Anniversary

It is a gift item that is unlikely to fail even if you don’t know the recipient’s taste, and its smooth taste makes it a Valentine’s whiskey that is perfect for our tastes.

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