Confess your love through the lyrics of a song

Confess Love Songs – (Benson Boone – ROOM ROR 2)

The pop song recommended today is atmospheric music with powerful vocals and is good music to listen to at night. This atmospheric song is about his own experience of falling in love, and in “ROOM ROR 2,” Benson tries to tell the person he loves that he will be there for them no matter what.

Confess Love Songs - (Benson Boone - ROOM ROR 2)

Lyrics To Valentine

At your deepest lows

When you hit the ground again

And you feel alone

All you know is emptiness

When you’re walking circles

And there’s no end

And your feet are tiedTryna catch

your breath again

I’ll be right there with you every step

When the world don’t feel like home

I’m a place to call your own

You can stay forever through

The pop song centers around the vocalist’s first verse, which is great to listen to at night, assuring the lover in the song that he will be there for her when she needs help no matter what trouble she faces.

Benson Boone

Every day I fall

For another part of you

And the nights get cold

Whenever I’m too far from you

With every breath you take from my chest

Try to understand

I’m always right there with you every step

When the world don’t feel like home

I’m a place to call your own

You can stay forever through, oh

And the second shows that Benson is not only falling more and more in love, but also becoming depressed when he spends too much time with her.

Benson Boone

Confess Love Songs – (Michael Carreon – Lucky Day)

The pop song recommended this time is “Michael Carreon – Lucky Day,” released this New Year. This song is a love song with a sweet, soft and cozy beat and a sweet voice with a sweet tone.

Confess Love Songs – (Michael Carreon – Lucky Day)

I never get to say that every single thing

is going right

And things are lookin up it’s almost like it

happened overnight and

I just still can’t believe this is real cause

I am not deservin of your lovin

Yesterday I confessed

And today I woke up to a yes

And everything will be just fine

Now that you’re mine

The lyrics of the song contain the happy feelings of the speaker who successfully confessed to the woman he loved. Among her words, the phrase that impressed her the most was, “Every moment I spend with you is a good time to love you.”

Michael Carreon

Confess Love Songs – (Sarah Barrios / Eric Nam – Have We Met Before)

The pop song I recommend this time is a duet song. It’s a love song called “Have We Met Before” by Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam. A calm and sweet pop song  is a duet song with a sweet atmosphere, a romantic jugging song, and a track that expresses a cinematic montage in the form of sound waves, embodying the timeless romance of two people toward each other sweet song that means a heartwarming pop song and ballad.

Confess Love Songs – (Sarah Barrios / Eric Nam - Have We Met Before)

You sat down right at the corner of my table
I don’t know what it is but swear I’m feeling deja vu
Black cup of coffee and a book you’re skimming over
You’re a stranger but feel closer and when I’m lookin’ at you

Swear I feel you in my memory
I think I’ve seen you in my dreams
Maybe you and I have history
But I don’t think you know me

Have we met before?
Maybe in another life I knew you
Maybe if I try I’ll see right through you
And I’ll remember who we were
Have we met before?
Maybe in another time I loved you
Maybe you’re the one that I would run to
I don’t know why it’s all a blur
I think I know you (I think I know you)

The synergy conveyed in this pop song is, “The beauty of the human experience is that we meet so many people (in life) and sometimes find someone we connect with and understand in so many ways.” In this day and age where we hear sad news, we hope that people who listen to this song will look at relationships with new people with hope.

Sarah Barrios / Eric Nam

Confess Love Songs – (Anais X Oscar Anton – Psychopath)

Anais is a 22-year-old new singer-songwriter from Germany with roots in Belgium. She grew up in a multilingual environment and she is fluent in German, English and French, but despite this, she sometimes felt that she was not good enough to express her feelings and thoughts and she found a way to express them through music.

Confess Love Songs – (Anais X Oscar Anton - Psychopath)

Her latest song, ‘Psychopath’, was created with French singer, songwriter, and producer Oscar Anton, and contains her obsession and desire for love. This is a bright and cheerful song that is easy to listen to, featuring Oscar Anton, who melts softly with the charming voice of Anais.

Anais X Oscar Anton

I’m a case study
In the wrong way to love somebody
I’m obsessed, honey
I’m possessive and respectless
And disturbed, buddy
And if you try to tell anybody
I’ll say you’re crazy and that you’re lying
That you hate me and that you’re violent

[Oscar Anton]
Can’t believe you called my dad (What?)
Now he switched and he’s on your side (Ugh)
Saw my best friеnd at your house
Hanging out with your cats
Everything goes around you, I
Trampolinе when I fall over, that’s enough
I’m out of love
Can I get my ID back?

Confess Love Songs – (Lauv – Love U Like That)

The last pop song I would recommend is “Love U Like That” by ‘Lauv’. This pop song is a sweet love song that seems to have been written with the intention of making our hearts sweeter. I would say this is a recommended pop song that doesn’t need any explanation and makes you feel good just by listening to it.

Confess Love Songs – (Lauv - Love U Like That)

Drunk in the rain
Really old habits, really old baggageJust walked awayInto your madness, onto your mattressGoddamn, okayYou’re so attractive, how did that happen?Mm, oh
And you’re kissin’ on my neckI’m like, “Oh”Got your hands up on my chestI’m like, “Oh”Kiss me ’til there’s nothin’ leftOh my god, oh my god

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