Edgy and Stylish Valentine’s Day Nail Inspirations for 2023

Rock and Roll Valentine’s Day Nail Designs for 2023

Summer Rock Festival Nails

There are many festivals held in the summer! As if shouting, “Summer isn’t over yet!”, several festivals are being held! When you go to Rock Fe, you should definitely wear hot nail polish. I would like to recommend simple self-nail art! I was thinking about what colors to use for the summer rock festival, so I brought out these few colors! If you’re asking why, it’s because rock festivals are actually more popular at night!

Rock and Roll Valentine's Day Nail Designs for 2023 Summer Rock Festival Nails

The three colors used were Black Over, Hold That Purple, Mermaid Tail, Blue Lime Jean, and Flowing Tears, and they were all so pretty! Below are photos of summer rock festival nails. As I kept taking pictures of the same background, it became so shiny.

Rock Festival Nails

Apply a full coat of black color, apply a reverse gradient to the teardrops on the lunar part, and then paint the upper part with purple to give the appearance of flowing water droplets. Originally, I wanted to use this Mermaid Tail color to create a polka dot pattern and apply a full coat on the bad paper, but since it was not a paint type, the coloring was not strong enough. I thought I would have to apply a thin layer of paint if I was only going to apply this, so I first applied the hold-down color and then added the mermaid tail color!

Festival Nails

If you go to a rock festival, you won’t feel pressured at all to get your nails done like this because of all the lights and atmosphere. Personally, I like all the colors used. When the flowing tear color was applied on black like that, it became a grey-colored color and the vintage feel came to life!

Mysterious Valentine’s Day Nail Polish for 2023

KENZICO Cat’s Eye Season 5

A season has been released in the Kenjiko Cat’s Eye series! After seeing the color of Cat’s Eye 5 (Magnetic Gel), I fell in love with the color and wanted to recommend it to nail enthusiasts. Kenjico Cat’s Eye 5 is a 12-piece set! Personally, of all the magnetic gels that have been released so far, I think Cat’s Eye Season 5 is the prettiest, especially in terms of color. This is just my personal opinion!

Mysterious Valentine's Day Nail Polish for 2023
KENZICO Cat's Eye Season 5

I think the recently released Cat’s Eye Season 5 is a collection of only Choi Ya’s colors. I will take a look at the color photo below. There are a total of 12 types of Cat’s Eye, with individual numbers ranging from CE301 to CE312. Personally, I think the previous Cat’s Eye series had a bit of a dark feel, and Cat’s Eye 4 lacked some color composition.


However, I think this Cat’s Eye 5 is really good because it contains only the colors I like. It contains all the colors of the four seasons, so if you are planning to buy a magnetic gel, you can use it all the time by purchasing only the Cat’s Eye Season 5 12 piece set!


Gothic Inspired Valentine’s Day Nail Looks for 2023

Goth Nail Art

It’s been a while since I did nail art. Should I have posted it as Halloween nail art? However, horror specials are more popular, so let’s just call them horror nails. The exact feeling I wanted was goth, but I wanted something a bit like a vampire or that old Black Lot Francesca!

Gothic Inspired Valentine's Day Nail Looks for 2023
Goth Nail Art

I think it would be okay for Baemchier here to do nail polish like this. Sometimes, when I talk about this feeling, my friends say it’s a funky rock style with a lot of piercing, wearing studded leather jackets and long black boots. It can be said to have a heavy and spooky feel, with a slightly black dress mixed with lace and mesh and accented with red.

Halloween nail art

Do you feel something? My friends say there seems to be something there. It’s a luxury or something, and it’s a nail polish done with some care and lace on bad paper. Only the black lace was drawn on the ring finger, and the remaining white lace are all stickers. And the rose and ribbon are inexpensive parts that I bought a few days ago. Until now, ribbons have always been made from clay. I actually did the middle finger thinking of a suggestion, but there was no chain. These days, I see that other people are using chains a lot. I’m not sure if it’s a chain or a rope.

Goth Nail Art

Bold and Daring Valentine’s Day Nail Inspirations for 2023

High Deep Royel Blue

Lastly, I recommend this nail polish for those who like a bold style. This nail design is called ‘Rossi’s hip-hop fall nail art with a hipster feel’ in royal blue with a good-hee feel. This time, I tried to make it feel like a ghost for Halloween. Rather than preferring only fallen leaf colors for fall, my mindset is to choose a design that is original, trendy, and matches the mood. The nail polish I got this time was also very successful.

Bold and Daring Valentine's Day Nail Inspirations for 2023
High Deep Royel Blue

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to change your mood with this bold nail art at least once a month. The metal-like royal blue and Fanta Orange base is a unique combination of two types of sparkle, perfect for perfection. ‘This nail art is feminine, lovely, and chic without losing the unique luxurious feel of royal blue’, so it’s BB Nail, of course. I thought so~

Royel Blue

Most of the art has a ‘Nandala’ feel and is hip, that is, it looks prettier with gel extensions. After getting my nails done, I feel like I have become a hip-hop girl with otherworldly tension. People who received this nail art with the same design said that they purposely created this voluminous design because they have a habit of biting their nails, but they said that they were highly satisfied with the biting nails as well. In October, when Halloween is celebrated, I wanted to try a more sparkly and colorful nail art, and I really like it. Stylish fall nail art featuring royal blue color. It has an autumn feel and is very sophisticated and classy.

Royel Blue

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