Heartfelt Fun: Planning a Memorable Valentine’s Party for All Ages

Valentine’s Party – Rose Tea Party 

Paper teacup + felt rose flower

This is a Valentine’s Day rose tea party table with a sweet and lovely scent. I have chocolate prepared for my friends at the party shop that I am making these days. I also want to take a bite of the Market O chocolate, whose package I liked. My heart friend whispers, “EAT ME!!” “Put me in your mouth and melt me sweetly.”

Valentine's Party - Rose Tea Party  Paper teacup

It was a short but powerful Valentine’s Day Rose Tea Pie. Do our neighbors who see this have their hearts pounding and their hearts recharged just as much? Once you taste the sweet chocolate prepared in this way, a handmade rose flower, and a warm hot chocolate latte in a paper cup, you must now perform a human relay mission to your lover, family, or friends. It’s okay if it’s not an expensive chocolate gift! Because it’s more important to convey your feelings! I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day.

felt rose flower

Valentine’s Party – Wine Party 

Santero 958 Party Yislow Edition

✔ In particular, champagne is often popular with celebrities or creates collaboration labels, but you can also see product designs and collaboration wines from Italian sparkling wineries, the home of fashion. Santero is one of the wineries that has been planning and launching collaboration labels related to sports and art for a long time.

Valentine's Party - Wine Party  Santero 958 Party Yislow Edition

✔ Santero 958 Party Yislow Edition was created as a collaboration between Yislow author and Santero 958 Party.
This product is a slightly sweet sparkling wine that will be especially popular among women. It is a style that opens for tasting immediately after purchase, and if you have room to store wine, it would be better to open it on Christmas this year. If you can feel the mainly fruity scent immediately after opening, it becomes more complex and well-balanced after leaving it in the refrigerator for about 6 hours.

Santero 958 Party Yislow Edition

I think it would be a good fit for those who usually prefer cocktails like mojito or light alcoholic beverages. I heard that it was made using the same varietals, blending, and brewing methods as the regular version, but the Islo edition had a higher percentage of Chardonnay, was more tangy, had a fresher feel, and delivered a more positive feeling. Don’t drink too much, but I think it’s a good idea to have at least one drink the next morning to wake up with dew.

Santero 958 Party Yislow Edition

Valentine’s Party – Steak Party

Sous Vide Steak

As a meat lover, I enjoy steak about once a week. I also like cooking at home, so I always try to make delicious meals at home when I eat out. I used to love Booker’s sous vide steak, but I thought it was a difficult dish to make at home. The machine was so expensive and large that it was difficult to get into. But these days, sous vide machines for home use are really popular. So I quickly tried it too.

Valentine's Party - Steak Party Sous Vide Steak

Surprisingly, the sous vide steak retained its juiciness all the way to the inside. So when you take a bite, it is moist and juicy at the same time. If you cook while maintaining the correct temperature, there will be no unpleasant smell, and the softness of the meat will be noticeably different. It’s definitely well done, but it doesn’t feel dry at all. It’s so moist and soft that it feels like it really melts in your mouth. I tried beef for my first dish, but if it tasted this good, I thought chicken breast would also be delicious.

Sous Vide Steak

The fact that I can make the sous vide dishes served at high-end restaurants at home makes me keep saying, like a grandmother, that the world has really become a better place. The buttons are not difficult to operate and have an automatic cooking mode, so even beginners can use them easily. Making sous vide fantail steak was a huge success with the Happy Call sous vide machine.

Valentine’s Party – Proposal Party

Helium Balloon

We prepared a surprise event to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th. I made heart helium balloons with my friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After everything was done, the baby was so pretty that we just looked at each other and smiled. Actually, on this day, I made a helium balloon because my friend’s boyfriend asked me to help with the event. Depending on the space in which helium balloons are displayed, there may be differences such as shrinking when it is cold, expanding when it is hot, and shortening the filling time. If the process is repeated, the lettering may lift or air may escape, so it would be best to store it at a constant temperature.

Valentine's Party - Proposal Party Helium Balloon

Also, above all, the highlight of the party was that there were special events and games for the proposal. Through this, many people were able to share happy moments. Also, it was truly touching to witness the happy moment of the couple who received the proposal. I am grateful that everyone can have a good time through the party.Also, I invited people close to me to the party. Being able to share this special moment with precious people such as family, friends, and lovers made it a more meaningful and special experience. After witnessing a scene where we could confirm each other’s feelings through this party, tears flowed without me knowing.

Helium Balloon

While the party is going on, it’s a good idea to take photos or videos to commemorate the moment. The memories you leave behind will become precious memories that you can look back on and share later. The proposal party is an event that brings great emotion to the protagonists, so I think it is important to make this day special through careful planning and preparation. How about holding a party with fun ideas and situations, and running the event taking into account the personalities and tastes of the main characters? Prepare for this proposal party with the bubble balloons of the helium balloon party, which have a variety of charms. For special days and special events, join Sky Balloon Party, full of ideas~

Helium Balloon

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