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Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘A romance by chance’

It seems like a romance from the title. When I saw the movie poster, I thought this was the movie, and it lived up to my expectations. Of course, there were some parts that didn’t suit my taste. In particular, the sudden singing and dancing part in the middle reminded me of an ‘Indian movie’. Personally, I thought it was an unnecessary part.

A romance by chance

I also felt a difference from previous movies. It seemed like it was trying to satirize the story by twisting it rather than continuing the story from previous romance movies. I recommend this movie when you don’t want it to be too complicated or when you want to have a light laugh.

Happy Valentines Day Movies - A romance by chance

Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ‘

After passionate love burns out, we become disappointed in each other over trivial things. You get tired of endless fights and everyday love, and you even start to think that the relationship wasn’t right for you in the first place. It’s a very sci-fi movie about a couple, Joel and Clementine, who are tired of hurtful words and fights and erase each other’s memories. However, it shows people falling in love again even after their memories are erased, and you can feel a great love that goes beyond science fiction.

Happy Valentines Day Movies - ' Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind '

It will be even more touching to see this couple on Valentine’s Day because they met for the first time in an impulsive elopement. I highly recommend it to old couples who have been together for a long time but don’t know the value of it!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘Sleepless night in Seattle’

It is a representative work whose title itself has become a symbol and captures the warm emotions of the 1990s well. The story begins with a one-sided letter from the heroine, who fell in love with her first impression through a radio story, asking to meet at the Empire Steak Building on Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentines Day Movies - 'Sleepless night in Seattle'

This film, which ends with a dramatic meeting at the Empire Building on Valentine’s Day after many twists and turns, is devoid of flashiness or provocative emotional expression. The theme song “When I Fall in Love” that appears at the end of the movie was greatly loved as it went perfectly with the final scene. I especially recommend it to those who believe in fateful love at first feeling!

Sleepless night in Seattle

Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘Be with you’

It’s a story about a wife who promised her husband and child that she would return during the rainy season, but then died and returned a year later on a rainy day, as if it were a lie, and fell in love again. It is a sad but beautiful expression of the generous love of her husband when her lost loved one returns, and the love of her wife who makes a careful effort, knowing that it is a time-limited love that must be returned.

Happy Valentines Day Movies - 'Be with you'

It’s a movie that makes you realize the importance of the person you love, and I think it’s even more special and romantic because the main characters in the movie actually got married after filming!

Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘Julie & Julia’

It’s a lovely movie with everything from the food, cooking scenes, movie colors, vintage props, and elegant characters. This film is based on the true story of two real-life strangers: Julia Child, the godmother of a culinary researcher, and Julie Powell, a cooking blogger. The life of Julia, a middle-aged woman, and her husband, Paul, who swears that “if you meet Julia, there will be no love you won’t fall in love with.” This makes me smile the whole time I see it.

Julie & Julia

In particular, the scene where he invites his friends on Valentine’s Day, puts a big heart on his chest, and once again confesses to his wife, “You are the butter of my bread and the breath of my life,” was so romantic that I was happy to see it. A Valentine’s Day postcard made with a photo of a middle-aged couple taking a bubble bath will be a special commemoration!

Happy Valentines Day Movies – ‘About Time’

I think it is a good movie for healing for people who are struggling with work, school, work, love, and this life. This is a movie about my favorite life motto. This is a movie that I now regret seeing. I think you should definitely see it at least once a year. I think it is a movie that we must remember and live through. Things we have thought about at least once in our lives and need to think about are expressed very well in the movie.

About Time

Actually, I didn’t watch the About Time movie until now, thinking it would just be a romantic movie after seeing the poster, but now I really regret watching it. This is not a romance movie. I think it deals with the topics of time, life, the value of life, and philosophy. This is a movie that tells us what perspective we should have in our future lives and how we should live in order to live a happier life.

About Time

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