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Valentines Lingerie – For Love and Lemons

It’s an LA brand product that I first saw at Revolve and thought it was pretty, but passed on it because it was too exposed. This is a collection that came out in early 2021, and this brand has always collaborated with Victoria’s Secret! The price is within an affordable range.

Valentines Lingerie - For Love and Lemons


It’s such a pretty lace bustier! It’s really annoyingly pretty. Why are you annoyed? Since you can’t wear it outside, I think it’s perfect as a gift for your girlfriend or wife. The lace bra top seemed like something you could wear on a vacation, and the reviews were so good that I bought it right away!

For Love and Lemons

Look at the lace details. I bought this because it looked like Barbie doll clothes and I wanted to keep it. I think it’s healthy and lovely without feeling sexy. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to try tanning in the summer!

For Love and Lemons

I was looking at the Porve & Bolve brand and came across this bustier. The model cut of the bustie was so pretty that I bought it on impulse. Anyway, the busty is pretty, but the one I recommend the most is the probe and bowl bra!

For Love and Lemons

Valentines Lingerie – Coez Combine Romantic Creamy

If it’s a Valentine’s Day gift, I’ll probably choose a style of lingerie that I don’t usually wear. Could this be CodezCombined’s Romantic Creamy line, which exudes a romantic atmosphere by reinterpreting bold patterns with creamy colors? I think it will give off a sexy vibe and make your special day even more special! And this product can be worn by couples together!

Valentines Lingerie - Coez Combine Romantic Creamy

Valentines Lingerie – Codez Combine Glen Check Special Band

I would like to recommend another CodezCombined brand lingerie. Personally, Codez Combine underwear has a simple design that I like. This product has a classic clan check design. The color is based on white and gray with red and black lines for a clean yet sexy look!This product can also be worn by couples.

Valentines Lingerie - Codez Combine Glen Check Special Band

Valentines Lingerie – Inamorata by Emily Ratajkowski

This brand is said to have launched swimwear and lingerie called ‘Inamorata’, founded by sexy star Emily Ratajkowski. The price of this lingerie is so affordable that it makes you happy just by looking at it.

Valentines Lingerie - Inamorata by Emily Ratajkowski

Valentines Lingerie – Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty

The design of Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty underwear collection seems to be designed with all body types in mind. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re thin or not. I think true sexiness comes from confidence.

Valentines Lingerie - Rihanna's Savage x Fenty

Valentines Lingerie – Coco de Mare

Coco de Mare price range varies. This brand can be said to be the owner of ‘luxury lingerie’. London’s Coco de Mare also sells high-end sexy toys, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out their website.

Valentines Lingerie - Coco de Mare

Valentines Lingerie – Ajang Provocateur

It is said to be a popular brand that receives explosive love from overseas, including Victoria, Beckham, Paris Hilton, and Scarlett Johansson. In ordinary lingerie brands, it is called luxury lingerie that uses handmade details and materials such as Bogirimden, Swarovski, crystal, and leather!

Valentines Lingerie - Ajang Provocateur

Valentines Lingerie – Ribbon Underwear

Want a hot Valentine’s Day? If you pull the ribbon, it can be said to be a dizzying underwear. It is said that underwear in the form of gift wrapping paper is sold with a sexy appearance that can be wrapped directly around the body to appeal sexiness. In particular, this underwear, which is tied with a ribbon in the middle of the chest, has a dizzying feeling as if it will come off with just a slight pull.

Valentines Lingerie - Ribbon Underwear

As underwear, it has a shape that cannot be worn on a daily basis and may be disposable, but I think it is worth it for a surprise event. At one point, this ribbon underwear was sold out.It’s a bit embarrassing, so I’ll replace it with other ribbon underwear. If you search for ‘ribbon underwear’ on the internet, it comes up right away.

Ribbon Underwear

Valentines Lingerie – Barbara underwear bralette

What I recommend this time is a discreet bralette set. Barbara is a reliable product in terms of functionality and fit, so I bought it too! The Barbara bra set I chose is Pearlskin! Personally, I usually wear white t-shirts, so I chose Pearlskin, which has a slightly bright feel! It has a slightly lovely feel, but when you wear it, you really feel like a girl.The model fit is pretty, so I’ll replace it with a model photo.

Barbara underwear bralette

Because it is made entirely of lace, it is light and soft to the touch, so I think anyone can wear it without any burden! There are flowers that women like, and they prefer comfort over design. Especially when I wear short pants or jeans, I look for underwear that doesn’t show off my lines as much as possible. I liked this product because it was made of lace and didn’t reveal my hip line! I recommend this bra because the straps are freely adjustable, so anyone can wear it comfortably regardless of body type.

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