Awesome Valentines Day Desserts – Mints

Valentines Day Desserts – Mint Choco Cookie

This is a mint chocolate cookie for those who love mint greens and are looking for delicious Valentine’s Day desserts. When I tried the cookies with mint chocolate, I was really surprised that they brought out the mint chocolate flavor so well! Mint lovers will absolutely love this flavor, but mint beginners should be careful because the refreshing mint flavor is strong!!! In fact, Vera Mincho flavor has a strong chocolate flavor as a base, but Papa Galaxy Mint Cookie has a stronger mint refreshing flavor, so keep that in mind when choosing your Valentine’s Day desserts!

Valentines Day Desserts - Mint Choco Cookie

Valentines Day Desserts – Below Cream Cannele Taro Mint Choco

This is the Galaxy Below Cream Cannele Taro refrigerated dessert released as a new product from gs. The total calories are 149g and each container contains a total of 2 pieces. Usually, if mint chocolate is not made well, it tastes like an unpleasant toothpaste, but this product has a subtle mint chocolate scent and seems to go well with existing caneles! This is a product with a very high level of overall perfection!

Below Cream Cannele Taro Below Cream Cannele Mint Choco

Personally, I think mint chocolate tastes better because it has a stronger flavor and goes well with the existing canele flavor. For Valentine’s Day desserts, this Galaxy Below Cream Cannele Taro refrigerated dessert would be a delightful choice. Its combination of subtle mint chocolate and canele flavors creates a unique and indulgent treat that is sure to impress your loved ones. So, consider adding this dessert to your list of Valentine’s Day desserts for a memorable and delicious celebration!

Valentines Day Desserts - Below Cream Cannele Taro Mint Choco

Valentines Day Desserts – Bao Dam Mint Chocolate Rice Cake

On top is a mint-flavored rice cake with chocolate chips, and on the bottom is a double layer of chocolate-flavored rice cake. Even though it is a half-mint chocolate chip, I think it is good because the mint flavor is not strong. I keep reaching for it because it’s pretty, and it goes well with milk, coffee, and tea!

Valentines Day Desserts - Bao Dam Mint Chocolate Rice Cake


Baodam is a premium Korean sweets dessert brand. We are making Hangwa desserts that preserve the Hangwa tradition while also containing trendy style and taste. It is said that the desserts are made with natural ingredients such as Ganghwa Island rice, black sesame seeds, sweet pumpkin, mugwort, walnuts, pine nuts, and pine nuts that were on the king’s table.


Valentines Day Desserts – Our Mint Choco Injeolmi

Usually, this injeolmi arrives in an ice box. The contents are nothing special, just a pamphlet and a box of cold injeolmi. The pamphlet clearly explains the manufacturing process and how to eat it.

Valentines Day Desserts - Our Mint Choco Injeolmi

1. After receipt, divide into zipper bags/sealable containers and store.
2. Take out as much rice cake as you want and keep the remaining rice cake in the freezer.
3. The expiration date is 9 months, but consumption is recommended within 2 weeks.
4. Thaw at room temperature for 3 hours / microwave for 30 seconds before eating
5. Eat with warm milk, milk tea, or coffee

Our Mint Choco Injeolmi

Our Injeolmi comes in 8 flavors: tiramisu, cheesecake, pumpkin, black sesame pumpkin, mint chocolate, whipped cream castella, Greek yogurt, and fractured rice.

Our Injeolmi

Personally, Our Mint Choco Injeolmi is made with domestically produced glutinous rice, cream cheese, white bean paste, chocolate, and green peppermint flavored syrup! There are a total of 20 injeolmi in the box, but they are smaller than expected. Injeolmi is a power mint color. There were small chocolate chips and white starch powder on the side, but it looked closer to glutinous rice cake than injeolmi. The taste itself was chewy, and the cream cheese + chocolate chip filling went surprisingly well with the cool mint rice cake! And it tastes better with warm milk, so be sure to try it together!

Our Mint Choco Injeolmi

Valentines Day Desserts – Andy’s Mint Chocolate

Andy’s Chocolate, this is so delicious! Chocolate is often just sweet, but Andy’s Mint Chocolate has a mint flavor, so it has a refreshing sweetness. In particular, I am a mint fanatic, so it may have been more delicious!

Valentines Day Desserts - Andy's Mint Chocolate

Whenever I took an exam at school, I always forgot to prepare chocolate. Sugar was converted to carbohydrates and hunger was reduced. Then, Andy’s chocolate, which gave a refreshing and calming feeling, caught my eye. Afterwards, when my thoughts accumulate, chocolate comes to mind very often. When I think of mint, when I was young, I was busy stuffing the peppermint candies that adults gave me. Maybe it’s because I miss the taste of mint when I was young, but I seem to like everything related to mint.

Andy's Mint Chocolate

It can be said to be a steady seller of the grassroots group. It is an item that best matches the name Mint Choco. When you open the packaging, there isn’t much of a mint scent. The chocolate isn’t quite as flaky, but it’s just as strong. It can be said to be the chocolate with the mint flavor that lingers longer than other mint chocolates.

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