Cute Couple Gifts For Girlfriend Christmas

Cute Couple Gifts – Perfume

Schneeig Advent Calendar

Every year around this time in December, I often worry about what gift to give my girlfriend for Christmas. We recommend the Christmas Advent Carinder, which includes perfume, room spray, and besboom. The large box contains 24 perfumes, room spray, and even a bath boom. Unlike when you receive a perfume with just one scent, the fun of opening it one by one will be enough to leave you impressed.

Cute Couple Gifts - Perfume

What is an advent calendar? It is called the Christmas or Holiday calendar, which means Advent calendar. It is a calendar with a small door with 24 numbers written on it. Traditionally, it is often made with chocolate. Nowadays, it is released as a seasonal limited edition by various brands, but it is so impressive to be able to experience a different scent every day!

Cute Couple Gifts - Perfume

A gift should be an even balance of excitement, happiness, and emotion. When I look at the Schneeig’s Advent Calendar, I get the feeling, ‘I didn’t know what I would like, so I prepared a variety of perfumes.’ Is he the kind of cute boyfriend you see in dramas? The Advent Calendar contains 5 types of bath bombs, 5 types of room perfume, and 14 types of Schneeig’s unique perfume that your girlfriend can choose from! I think you’ll also really like the fact that the perfume comes in various sizes from 10 ml to 30 ml.

5 Bath Bombs

A bath bomb with a sweet scent when you open the box. I think you can have an even more special year-end with dried flowers and bath salt. I think it’s a good product to take a break from a tiring day.

Bath Bomb

5 room perfumes + 14 types of perfume

The perfume package is also different. It contains 14 different scents, including floral, woody, and citrus, without overlap. You can also fill your space with scent with room perfumes in five different scents, including musk and floral. You can’t feel bad about the rich package.


As it is said that scent is memory, it seems that the end of the year will be filled with various perfumes and memories. This was my girlfriend’s Christmas recommendation for men who are preparing a touching gift for the upcoming Christmas.

Cute Couple Gifts – Necklace

If you had to choose the best gift to give your girlfriend, a necklace would probably get the most votes. This is because it is less burdensome than a ring and is a good item that can be used to check one’s feelings while wearing it on a daily basis. A pretty necklace with a small pendant that is not too big or flashy is a good gift that will make both the giver and the receiver feel good. However, there are probably men who are having a lot of trouble with many brands. You might be worried that a product that is too expensive might be burdensome, and that a brand that is too cheap or not well-known might seem insincere. So, I recommend the brand that is the most simple but can be a sensible boyfriend.

[Stonehenge] 14K Lucky You Necklace P1406

It is said that the horse’s hoof, which symbolizes good luck, was used as a kotiv. This design might have been ordinary if it had been a simple U shape, but it became a special design by adding a bar in the middle. The horseshoe is a cute highlight, and the necklace string is made of rose gold and sparkles, giving it a very feminine feel.

Cute Couple Gifts - Necklace


[Stonehenge] 14K Lucky You Necklace SO0336

It has a unique design and sparkle, and can be worn daily, so it can be said to be a highly versatile product.

[Stonehenge] 14K Lucky You Necklace SO0336

[Stonehenge] Love Knot silver necklace F0284

It’s a small heart twist pendant love note necklace. I think it would suit anyone from early 20s to mid 30s. The downside is that the line is a bit short.

[Stonehenge] Love Knot silver necklace F0284

Cute Couple Gifts – Toy

Cute Bbangdeokin doll

The average woman would like all dolls. Among them, I would like to recommend the cute and popular Bbangdeok doll! Bbangdeok is a cute doll with big cheeks that will make your heart flutter no matter how many times you look at it.

Cute Couple Gifts - Toy

Duck Doll Bbangdeok As A Baby

This is what the duck doll Bbangdeok looked like as a baby. Actually, I think a lot of you have seen it on social media. The colors of this cute child are not only yellow, but also white, light yellow, etc. She has lovely colors too, so I think a lot of people like it~

Duck Doll

Duck Doll Bbdeokgi Cell Phone Case

The more I look at this duck doll, the more adorable it is. It makes me want to take it with me when I travel and take pictures with it! There is also a phone case from Bbangdeok, and it seems to be a perfect design for use on cold winter days.

Phone Case

Cute Couple Gifts – HairBrush

Tangle Angel Brush

This brush is a product that gently cares for hair damaged by frequent dyeing and perming, making it the perfect gift for a girlfriend who is interested in beauty.Many celebrities who are very sensitive to skin and hair care use it.


This product is the British premium brand Tangle Angel Hairbrush Pro. It is said that it was created by royal hair designer Richard Ward. It is a brand that has many awards and is recognized all over the world. Since this is a hairbrush specifically for damaged hair, I recommend it as a Christmas gift to protect your girlfriend’s hair! Don’t miss the opportunity to be praised as a sensible boyfriend.


This brush doesn’t miss its role as a hairbrush either! The brush’s comb teeth are designed at different angles and heights, allowing even damaged hair to be combed gently and smoothly without tangling. Personally, I liked that the brush area was large so I could care for long hair with just a few combs! The handle is also ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
Also, when I use a comb, I always worry about hygiene because it gets dirty quickly, but the Tangle Angel brush is said to be 99.9% antibacterial, preventing the growth of bacteria. Since it has waterproof coding, it will be more hygienic if you wash it with water!


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