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Valentines Make Up Gift – d’Alba Mistrum Double Cream Set

There are many people who are worried about what to give as a Valentine’s Day gift. What I personally recommend is the mist serum from premium vegan beauty brand d’Alba. It’s a luxurious package that makes you excited even before you open it, and it’s a mist serum + double cream that’s great for use in chilly weather like these, so I think it’s perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.
d’Alba is a vegan and hypoallergenic brand and is famous as a premium vegan beauty brand loved by many people at home and abroad. I liked the luxurious skin expression typical of premium vegan beauty, so I tried every product that was released, including sun products and cushions. I personally have high trust in the d’Alba brand.

✔d’Alba Vegan Mist Serum has an oil layer and a serum layer, so it can deeply moisturize. Just shake it before use and you are ready to take care of your glowing skin.
✔ It is a highly functional mist that has been proven to improve deep moisturizing and dead skin cells, making it even more welcome when the cold wind starts blowing. Because it is a mist type, it is convenient to simply spray it on when you feel dry. It is sprayed evenly over the entire face with the microfiber spraying power and does not clump or form.
✔The mist spray lightly settles down and penetrates well. It settles down nicely and doesn’t clump up even when I spray it on top of my makeup.
✔Dalba Dogji Elasticity Contains the ingredient truffalol (Italian white truffle ‘white truffle extract’ + ‘tocoparol’, which cares for skin elasticity and moisture), so the formula is light but you can enjoy the moisture for a long time.
✔As a highly moisturizing premium vegan mist, the scent of ‘Aromatic Citrus Floral’, created in collaboration with Ichalia perfumer ‘Giovanni festa’, is subtle and makes you feel as if you are being treated by an aesthetician.

Let’s also look at Dalva Vegan Double Cream, which is better when used with Dalva Vegan Mist Serum. It’s great to be able to feel the premium charm of Dalba even more with a gift set. As soon as you open the cream case, you can see the inner lid and spatula. Since the inner lid is a renewed, all-in-one type, you won’t lose it. There are two types of body types. This cream contains an aqua serum that replenishes moisture and soothes, and an intense cream that takes care of nutrition and elasticity.


✔You can use it according to your skin condition.
*For days lacking moisture or oily skin, Acura Serum: Intense Cream = 2:1
*For days when oil and moisture balance is needed or for combination skin, Aqua Serum: Intense Cream = 1:1
*For days when you need deep skin and nutrition or if you have dry skin, Acura Serum: Intense Cream = 1:2
✔ It contains no animal ingredients and, as expected from a vegan cream containing ingredients that are healthy for the skin, the ingredients were meticulously filled. It contains white truffle, which has been tested in-vitro for aromatic oxidation, and tocopherol, which helps improve elasticity, and Tropherol, Dalba’s proprietary elastic ingredient composed of two synergistic ingredients in the optimal ratio, helping to improve elasticity. I can give it to you.

Valentines Make Up Gift – Biotherm Homme Aqua Power All-in-One

Try the Biotherm Homme Aqua Power All-in-One Set as a Valentine’s Day boyfriend gift recommendation. It came in a set like this to make it easier for women to give it as a gift. The package is very neat, so it’s great for gifting, and it’s so sophisticated that it’s a product that will make the men who receive it feel good.

Biotherm Homme

It consists of Aqua Power All-in-One, Ultimate BB Cream, Couple’s Home Tag, and a card, and it feels surprisingly filling! Although the price range is a little high, Biotam Homme is a very good product and is a favorite among men.
Biotherm Homme Aqua Power All-in-One is a product that ranks quite high among men’s skincare products! It is a product that contains cool mint water and can be used for a cooling sensation. It soothes irritated skin and replenishes moisture without stickiness, so it is perfect for those with oily skin!

Biotherm Homme

It’s a pumping type, so it’s easy to use quickly, and it can be turned and locked, so you can easily take it with you whenever you go. Aqua Power All-in-One is a beautifully moisturizing and long-lasting product. Because it is all-in-one, it is sufficient to use alone. Because it contains mint water, the scent has a somewhat refreshing scent, but the mint-specific scent is not strong, so it’s okay.
Because the formulation is a complete gel type, you might think it might be sticky and heavy, but when you rub it in with your hand, it quickly turns into a watery consistency, absorbs quickly into the skin, and leaves a shiny finish, so there is no stickiness.

Next is the Ultimate BB Cream. The original name is Homme BB Instant Great Skin Oil Free All-in-One Fluid. It is high at SPF50+++. It’s an oil-free product that leaves a beautifully soft yet light and refreshing finish, so even men who don’t usually wear makeup will feel less stuffy.

Ultimate BB Cream

Normally, some men apply at least BB, but these days, due to the current situation, they wear masks, and I know that there are quite a lot of ordinary beauty salons who are very unfamiliar with skin makeup. However, if you are going to a friend’s wedding or have to wear a suit, I think it would be good to have at least one because it naturally improves your skin and also has a sunscreen function. It is small and simple in size. The package has a luxurious and clean design, making it a great portable device to carry around.

As it is a Valentine’s Day set, it also includes name tags that couples can use together, and it is so cute and pretty. Since it has a leather texture, I think it would be okay to hang it on a carrier.

name tag

Valentines Make Up Gift – Mukan Homme 3-piece set

The Mukan Homme makeup 3-piece set includes Mukan Homme Pore Cover Fry, Mukan Homme Natural Cover BB Cream, and Mukan Homme Perfect Spot Concealer.

Mukan Homme Makeup 3-piece set

The Natural Cover BB is a normal color with a size of 25, and the Perfect Cover BB is a slightly brighter color with a size of 23. This set even includes a dedicated pouch, so you can carry primer, BB cream, and concealer in this pouch. This is a neat black pouch with the symbol of Mukan Homme. The all-in-one lotion + cream set also includes a pouch. I made this all-in-one product so that it can fit two products: Roche and cream.

Valentines Make Up Gift – Kiehl’s  Set

Kiehl’s offers two best sellers as gift recommendations for the upcoming Valentine’s Day! This is a gift set consisting of men’s toner and moisturizer.Kiehl’s offers two best sellers as gift recommendations for the upcoming Valentine’s Day! This is a gift set consisting of men’s toner and moisturizer. For men who are worried about what to buy when choosing basic products, I carefully recommend this set as a sensible Valentine’s Day gift instead of chocolate.


A refreshing moisturizing toner exclusively for Namseon that adds vitality to tired, dull skin. It contains bamboo extract and menthol to care for sebum and cleanse the skin. After shaving and washing your face, at the toner stage, shake the product lightly and apply an appropriate amount all over your face. You can apply it by pouring it into your hands and patting it on, but since it is a watery skin that tends to run off, we recommend soaking a cotton pad generously and applying it along the skin texture. Contains menthol, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation.


A lotion exclusively for men that leaves skin vital and moisturized without making it greasy. As it is the best seller of Kiehl’s For Men products, the tube type makes it easier to adjust the desired amount compared to the glass bottle type. This moisturizing gel lotion has a light sky blue color and feels soft and moist when applied. Likewise, it contains menthol, which revitalizes and protects the skin to maintain healthy skin.



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