Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – Box & Handmade

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – Beetle Bug Candy

When you think of a beetlebug, you think of some kind of insect or worm. Homemade Candy Beetlebug can refer to these handmade candies shaped like bugs. Handmade Candy Beetlebug mainly creates the shape of the insect by hand-making the candy and carving the details. Handmade Candy Beetlebug refers to insect-shaped candy made by hand. This is a unique and creative form of candy art that is popular among handmade candy makers and enthusiasts. To make homemade Beetlebug candy, candy makers heat sugar or candy syrup at a specific temperature to melt it. Once the syrup has reached the desired consistency, it is carefully injected into an insect-shaped candy molder. Candy makers can use tweezers or small sculpting tools to complete complex designs, including adding eyes, legs and other details to the candy.

Beetle Bug

Once the candy mixture has cooled and hardened, the Beetlebug candies are carefully removed from the molding machine. They can be further decorated with edible food coloring or edible food-safe paints, resulting in colorful and detailed candies that resemble insects. Handmade Beetlebug candies come in various flavors and colors, offering a visually pleasing experience. They can be enjoyed individually as simple candies or used as decorative elements for desserts, cake toppers, party favors, and more. Crafting these candies requires skill and attention to detail, making each piece a unique work of art.

Beetle Bug

Homemade Beetlebugs make excellent chocolate or candy gifts and decorations. Their handmade nature makes them highly individual, appealing to those seeking candies with a unique design. These homemade candies add a fun and distinctive touch to special celebrations or parties. Overall, handmade candy Beetlebugs represent an interesting and creative candy art form, showcasing the creativity and skill of the candy maker. They bring joy and excitement to the eyes and palates of those who have the pleasure of enjoying them.

Beetle Bug

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – Sugar Free Xylitol Candy

Sugar-free xylitol candy is a candy made from a sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute and has the advantage of being used in place of sugar to consume fewer calories and is also helpful for dental health. Sugar-free xylitol candy is usually candy made using xylitol instead of sugar. Xylitol is known as an alternative raw material with low calories and fewer side effects on teeth. Therefore, sugar-free xylitol candies are popular among people who want to avoid sugar, have diabetes, or are sensitive to dental health. Sugar-free xylitol candy offers a similar taste and texture to regular candy, but is lower in calories because it is made with xyl xylitol and no sugar. Xylitol is a naturally occurring or artificially synthesized sugar substitute that is safe to use in food.

Xylitol Candy

Sugar-free xylitol candies are available in a variety of flavors and colors. In addition to the usual fruit flavors, there are many different categories of candy, including mint, chocolate, caramel, and more. These candies can be a good alternative for people who need to limit their sugar intake, such as those with sugar allergies or diabetes. Xylitol also helps with dental health. Unlike sugar, entero-ylitol acts to prevent the build-up of acids and bacteria on teeth. Additionally, enteroylitol is digested faster than sugar and may help stabilize blood sugar levels.


However, xylitol may cause side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, or constipation if consumed in excess. Therefore, it is important to consume adequate amounts. In particular, xylitol can be toxic to pets, so it is best to consult your veterinarian before using it with your pet. Sugar-free xylitol candies are an alternative for people who want to limit their sugar intake or reduce calories. However, it is important to be mindful of appropriate amounts and usage, and ensure that intake is tailored to your individual health and goals.


Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – See’s Candy Lollipop

See’s Candy is the oldest and most famous handmade dessert in California since 1921. Swhich was acquired by Warren Buffett, the genius of fighting, is still loved by many people as it is said to be the best choice he has made, and is made with fresh and good raw materials. We carefully select and make them. 100 years of tradition and uncompromising quality are said to be See’s Candy’s top values, making it a brand that offers more than just that. See’s Candy Lollipop Assorted is one of the favorite handmade snacks that has been consistently loved for its strong taste and reputation as a savory devil’s candy. When you open the luxurious package, a golden colored lollipop appears. There are 30 random candies in the box, each candy weighs 20g/90kcal and comes in four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, cafe latte, and butterscotch.

See's Candy Lollipop

See’s Lollipop candy offers a delightful experience with its mild caramel scent and soft caramel-like appearance. However, despite expecting a caramel flavor and texture, it surprises with a candy-like taste. Nonetheless, the butterscotch flavor melts smoothly in your mouth, making it easy to enjoy through sucking or eating. Its thick, square shape adds to the experience without causing any discomfort. The candy has a distinct scotch butter flavor, reminiscent of Lotte Scotch Candy, but with a richer, softer, and more luxurious taste. Unlike hard caramel, See’s Candy has a frosted outer surface that lacks the glass-like texture. It’s important to note that this candy doesn’t contain preservatives and should be consumed within six months, but it’s unlikely to last that long due to its irresistibility. Despite being slightly pricier than regular candy, See’s Candy Lollipop Assorted is undoubtedly worth the indulgence.

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – Winnie Bini Musical Teen

Winnie Bini is a candy specialty store that is widespread in the U.S. and Europe. It is a brand that allows consumers to purchase chocolate, candy, jelly beans, gummies, marshmallows, etc. in the desired amount according to their various preferences. Winnie Bini’s popular products are cutely packaged in lovely design boxes. The box is also made of sparkling rose gold, making it even more luxurious.

Product composition

  1. Sweet fruity scent ‘Mini Gummi Bear’ in the shape of a cute bear
  2. Star-shaped, refreshing fruit flavor ‘Neon Star Candy
  3. Two-color berry-shaped, refreshing, natural raspberry scent ‘Sour Raspberry
  4. Pastel-toned ‘Holland Mint’ full of natural peppermint scent

Winnie Bini Musical Teen

  1. Milk Chocolate Almonds’ filled with savory whole almonds
  2. Heart-shaped ‘Peach Fragrance Heart
  3. Candy Belt‘ with attractive cherry, raspberry, and blueberry flavors with a thrilling sour taste
  4. Lemon Flavored Green Bean’ with a refreshing natural lemon scent
  5. Candy Belt’ with an attractive strawberry and banana flavor with a thrilling sour taste
  6. Heart-shaped natural cherry flavor ‘Saurer Heart
  7. Natural fruit flavored mix candy ‘Fruit Mix Bavaria

16 pieces are packaged in 200g packages. The expiration date is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

set musicalton

You can choose from three musical sets: Sweet Castle, Sweet Train, and Merry Go Round, and they are all beautifully packaged. Set Musical Teen Valentine’s Sweet is filled with sweet chocolate in a pretty box containing a melody. The soundtrack of Carousel, the best Borway musical, plays. You can enjoy the sweet melody by turning the musical tin counterclockwise.

Types of Chocolate

  1. Milk praline chocolate with a crunchy texture added to the ‘fragrant cappuccino cream filling
  2. Milk praline chocolate with the delicate flavor of ‘bittersweet tiramisu cream filling
  3. Milk praline chocolate with a delicate ‘subtle hazelnut cream filling
  4. Milk praline chocolate with attractive ‘sweet and rich cocoa cream filling’ and crunchy cereal
  5. White praline chocolate with a crunchy texture added to the ‘soft milk cream filling

Set Musical Teen Praline Chocolate is packaged in 130g each.

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