The Secret to Luscious Lips: Unlock Valentine’s Day with Lip Balm

Valentine Men’s Lip Balm Dewycel Core Balm

This is a natural men’s lip balm that is applied moisturizingly without being shiny, and a color balm suited to men’s skin tone to maintain vibrant lips. Because I didn’t apply a separate lip balm, my lips became chapped and chapped. With moisturizing ingredients, you can keep your lips moist and maintain your lip color.

Valentine Men's Lip Balm Dewycel Core Balm
This is a recommended gift for Valentine’s Day that stands out and is luxurious in the blue package! Dewycell Core Balm, which gives vitality to the lips with the color of the core and adds moisture with plant-derived oil! It is said to contain six golden ratio moisturizing ingredients, including shea butter, collagen, edelweiss callus culture fluid, olive oil, and argan kernel oil. It is best to apply your lip color so that the colored part is visible from the inside of your lips.

Lip Balm
I’ve been in a relationship for a long time, and now that I’m married, I have to celebrate anniversaries, but I don’t often get gifts every 14 days. Still, I can’t pass it up, so I recommend preparing a men’s lip balm for Valentine’s Day! Since only the central part is colored in red, it would be less burdensome for men to apply it. If you apply a lip balm that is too transparent, it looks painful, but I think it’s okay to apply it on your lips to make them look lively!

Lip Balm

Valentine Men’s Lip Balm Doingwhat Aqua Filter

This time, while choosing a lip balm for my boyfriend, there was one product that I particularly liked. This is Doingwhat Aqua Filter Lip Balm! It’s soft, moist, and has great color! It is a well-known fact that colored lip balm greatly contributes to men who manage their hair. Personally, I think that drawing eyebrows and applying colored lip balm is really simple and dramatic, but has great results.

Valentine Men's Lip Balm Doingwhat Aqua Filter

As the name of Aqua Filter Lip Balm suggests, it feels natural, as if a filter has been applied. The moment you apply it, natural color develops, adding moisture and vitality to your lips. I especially liked that the part I applied was light blue, so I didn’t feel pressured. It’s a men’s lip balm, but it’s sky blue, which I really like, so I ended up buying it too.

Lip Balm

I would like to recommend this to these people. Anyone who has heard stories about their lips being purple or pale… Men who want a lip balm with a light feel because they feel burdened by products with overly feminine packaging! I recommend Doingwat Colorful Lip Balm to those with cracked and dry lips!

Lip Balm

Valentine Women’s Lip Balm Heart for Earth

My lips are so dry that I can’t use matte lipstick often. Maybe that’s why I’m very interested in colored lip balms and glow lips, so my lip balms have slightly colored lipsticks, but I tend to use the non-drying glow type for a long time!

Valentine Women's Lip Balm Heart for Earth

The product I’m recommending this time is the Heart for Earth Lip Balm. With this one, you can not only create your lips, but also provide lip care and exfoliation. Above all, I don’t wear much makeup these days, but I’d like to recommend it because it’s a colored lip balm that can be used as a useful item in everyday life! Heart for Earth Lip Balm comes in 3 colors.

Lip Balm

Each color is well-pigmented and has good moisturizing properties, so you can choose a color that matches your face tone. Heart for Earth Lip Balm comes in three colors. Each color is well pigmented and has good moisturizing properties, so you can choose a color that matches your face tone.

Lip Balm

And these days, even men are using lip balms with moderate amounts of pigment. I think it’s a cute item that anyone can easily use all year round because it has colors that even those people can use. There are three colors: No. 01 YOU, No. 02 ME, and No. 03 WE. Personally, I think all three colors are pretty, and I think it would be good to apply them to match the lipstick color before applying lipstick.

Lip Balm

For those who look good with peach tones, the Mi color would be perfect, and for those who look good with pink tones like me, I would recommend the Yuna Wi color. Each one is pretty, and there aren’t many colored lip balms that have pretty colors. I really like colored lip balms, so I really recommend the Heart Pore Lip Balm.

Lip Balm

Valentine Women’s Lip Balm – Beyond Angel Aqua Moisture Plumping Lip Serin

Winter is one step closer. As time goes by, I am experiencing in real time that my lips are getting drier and dead skin cells are starting to appear. So, while I was looking for a lip moisturizer, I found that lip serin has become really hot these days! Lip serin is one of the lip care items that has the moisturizing power of a lip mask while maintaining the convenience of a lip balm. The first lip serin in my life is Beyond’s Plumping Lip Serin! Thanks to this, where is the dead skin on my lips these days?! I am maintaining soft lips. Watery plumping that fills the lips with the clear moisture of Angel Aqua to create natural volume. Lip Serin!
Valentine Women's Lip Balm - Beyond Angel Aqua Moisture Plumping Lip Serin
Speaking of lip serin, wouldn’t it be sticky? Wouldn’t it be too heavy and frustrating? You may be worried, but this is an Olive Young lip balm that leaves your lips moisturized without feeling stuffy at all. And I said it was Angel Aqua Moisture ‘Plumping’ Lip Serin! The moisture plumping effect creates natural lip volume without being too spicy! In fact, too strong a plumping effect is irritating to the lips, so I stay away from it, but Beyond Lip Serin is moderately cool, so it goes well with lip makeup. I think the standout advantage of Beyond Lip Serin is its clean air-fit container for the same effect from start to finish!
Beyond Angel Aqua Moisture Plumping Lip Serin
It’s very hygienic because the lid can be opened and closed and the contents are not exposed to the outside. When I first saw this, I thought it was a really good idea. I like balm-type lip balm, but I used to think that it wasn’t hygienic because a lot of it was exposed to the outside every time I opened the lid! Beyond Lip Serin has a dial type, so when you turn it, the contents come out, making it hygienic and able to be used for a long time. These days, when you want to moisturize your lips at every moment, whether in the morning, at night, or in everyday life, thanks to Beyond Lip Serin, dead skin cells are completely buried, right?! I like glossy lip expressions, and it goes perfectly with lip products!
Beyond Angel Aqua Moisture Plumping Lip Serin

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