Share Your Love With Louis Vuitton On Valentine’s Day – The Advantage of Elegance

Valentine’s Day Louis Vuitton Chocolate

Seorae Village TouDou Chocolate

There are times when we say we shouldn’t take care of ourselves as we get older, but we end up taking care of it when the time comes. I think I almost shot a legend this year. A huge chocolate that was unusual from the start! It was “Seorae Village TouDou Chocolate”. As soon as I opened the box, I was amazed. They always present products that look like works of art, but on Valentine’s Day, it was even more special and luxurious.

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton Chocolate Seorae Village TouDou Chocolate

There is also a music box at the bottom right of the box, so you can open the chocolate while playing music, which is truly romantic. ”Seorae Village TouDou Chocolate” was beyond awe-inspiring! I’m just so moved by how much they prepared to give me this as a gift.

Louis Vuitton Chocolate

And this is the chocolate I prepared! It’s Louis Vuitton chocolate, and I bought it directly from the Paris store. It is not sold domestically, but can be purchased at Louis Vuitton in Paris, France. I was so happy that they even brought shopping bags for me.

Louis Vuitton Chocolate

When you open the lid, there is a piece of paper with what flavor each shape has written on it! I was very worried that the chocolate would break on the way to Korea, but fortunately it arrived safely. A small but luxurious collection of Louis Vuitton chocolates prepared for Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t taste it, but I was glad that it arrived in Korea in perfect condition and brightened up our Valentine’s Day.

Louis Vuitton Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Louis Vuitton Pocket

Louis Monogram Pocket Organizer Vuitton M61696

Ta-da! A birthday present and Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend! I prepared a Louis Vuitton pocket organizer monogram wallet. I bought it at the Louis Vuitton store in Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam. They packaged it beautifully and even included a small stationery! He said it was a birthday present and he felt like he was receiving a present.. I’m sorry, but I guess I have to recommend something pretty~ Haha.

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton Louis Monogram Pocket Organizer Vuitton M61696 

A bright gray colored pocket organizer is in front of you! I was thinking of buying it on the website, but decided to go and see it in person. I think it’s best to go and see it in person. Due to the quality of the photo, it appears black, but in reality it’s a bit dark? It’s a gray colored wallet! Front and back views. In the back, you can insert frequently used cards and use them.

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton

A male friend who usually only carries 3 cards -! This is a Louis Vuitton organizer that can hold up to 5 cards! There are as many as 2 spaces left. It’s so pretty on the inside… I was thinking about leaving it there and coming back tomorrow to pick it up because the wallet engraving service takes about 2 hours! Y&S engraving service said they would take the picture in 15 minutes and they took the picture right away. I was so grateful. They said that they can take pictures of you right away when you’re free, but if you’re busy, it might take some time. Luckily, I got the engraving service right away!

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton

Valentine’s Day Louis Vuitton Perfume

Louis Vuitton’s 12th scent, Etoile Filante

As always, it’s time to recommend perfume. The perfume I’m recommending today is Etoile Filante, my favorite brand and the first perfume released by Louis Vuitton in 2021. Louis Vuitton Etoile Filante was added a year after Eure Dapsance, which was released in 2020. It’s a women’s line perfume.

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton Perfume Louis Vuitton's 12th scent, Etoile Filante

Last time I purchased On the Beach, the salesperson gave me a sample of Etoile Philante. When I first spray Etoile Philante, I feel a refreshing, juicy sweetness. This refreshing, juicy sweetness appears for a moment and then fades away. . They say it has a strawberry scent, but honestly, when I first smelled it, I wasn’t sure if it was strawberry.

Louis Vuitton Perfume

When I think of strawberries, strawberries come to mind…maybe I had too many expectations of strawberries…the fresh, sweet fruity scent fades and a floral and powdery scent emerges, changing from a refreshing, juicy sweetness to a soft, feminine floral sweetness. As the scent changes, the sweet scent changes to a feeling of pickled fruit, and the floral scent feels like a white floral scent, with the scent of osmanthus being felt the most.

Louis Vuitton Perfume

It doesn’t remind me of a masculine image at all, but feels feminine and feminine. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like powdery scents, but the powdery scent makes the scent feel a bit heavy and stuffy. The scent itself is bright and reminds me of a yellowish color like the bottle’s color, but I felt it was a bit heavy in terms of weight.

Louis Vuitton Perfume

However, the lasting power of Etoile Philant was very good!! Based on my dry skin, it seemed to last about 5 to 6 hours. If I sprayed it during the day and went out, I could smell a weak scent until I got home at night. Spreading power was acceptable. To the extent that it can be taken care of by close people around you? However, perhaps because it lasts well, the spread isn’t too bad either!

Louis Vuitton Perfume

Valentine’s Day Louis Vuitton Mini Bag

Louis Vuitton Pop  Heart Pouch M81893

For Valentine’s Day, Louis Vuitton came out with a cute mini bag. I purchased it in dragon fruit pink! This is a point bag that can be created in a variety of ways using the detachable chain and small top handle. It’s small so it can’t hold a cell phone, but it can fit a simple cushion compact or a card wallet! The zipper-type closure is a bit stiff.

Valentine's Day Louis Vuitton Perfume Louis Vuitton Pop  Heart Pouch M81893

I took a pretty picture of the bag while I was visiting a cafe in Yeonnam-dong. The size is similar to the coffee and dessert plates. Doesn’t the bright color make it feel spring??? The more you look at it, the cuter it gets. The chain is gold-colored, so it’s bright and the perfect color for your outfit!

Louis Vuitton Mini Bag
The bag material is calfskin, which is soft to the touch. The heart shape is so cute and lovely~ Chain bags are usually heavy, but
The yoga room was lighter than I thought. The chain string is not long, so there is no need to tie or shorten it if you tie it crosswise!! I think Louis Vuitton picked a really pretty pink color!

Louis Vuitton Mini Bag

I couldn’t handle the flashy style of clothes, so I coordinated the bag in a cute style and it made me look brighter!! The heart bag is new because it has a young style. It has a hip sensibility, so it seems to go well with casual fashion.

Louis Vuitton Mini Bag

As bags become increasingly micro-sized, more people are purchasing them for design and fashion purposes rather than paying attention to storage capacity. As the colors of clothing and bag lines are getting brighter, my desire for money is also greatly increasing. Hahaha I want to quit my job, but there are a lot of things I want to buy, so I have to hold on. I guess.

Louis Vuitton Mini Bag

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