Captivating Hearts: Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Perfume

Valentine’s Day Perfume – CHABAYD Et Chocolat

When it comes to perfumes that are famous for their chocolate scents, there is Chavere et Chocolat. At first it smells like chocolate, but I thought the hazelnut scent was stronger. Feels like a chocolate cookie? At first, many people commented that it felt more like hazelnut chocolate than cocoa powder rather than dark chocolate, but I think that’s the case.

Valentine's Day Perfume - Chevrolet Et Chocolat

A strong nutty scent, vanilla like a mixture of condensed milk and milk, and a hint of chocolate? It wasn’t the chocolate perfume I expected. It felt like a slightly cheap chocolate scent. Chabot’s most famous product, Les Concentres, is said to have a scent like vending machine milk, but many say it smells like milk candy. You can think of it as an extension of that.


But I also like hazelnut chocolate, so I don’t think it’s bad, and this hazelnut scent is a bit like an air freshener, and I haven’t decided whether I like it or not yet. The scent and longevity are very strong. I sprayed it twice at night and it was so strong that the scent remained even if I kept washing my hands. The cedarwood scent still remained on the back of my hands the next afternoon.

​It’s just a gourmande perfume with the excessive sweetness typical of gourmande. It’s a perfume that feels like something you should wear when you’re young. When layered with Killian Black Phantom, the hazelnut feel of the cheap chocolate air freshener is alleviated and a drop of dark chocolate is added, creating a more natural, usable chocolate scent. It feels like the age range for which it can be used has increased.​


I didn’t really like the package, but my friend saw it and said it looked similar to Dior perfume. I think it’s nice because it’s clean. The lid is unusually open like this. If your lover likes chocolate, I think this is a good chocolate perfume to give as a Valentine’s Day gift.


Valentine’s Day Perfume – Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne

Subjectively, I feel like Apricot Jasmine and White Pepper are the most common. First, a sweet floral scent (jasmine), followed by a slight fruity scent (apricot), followed by a subtle, neutral dad skin scent (white pepper). So, although it is overall feminine, strangely it doesn’t feel strange at all as a men’s perfume. It’s not a scent that can be liked or disliked. So, it is a scent that people around you also like.
Valentine's Day Perfume - Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne
It is difficult to think of a similar scent among commercial perfumes. I guess that means it’s not a very common scent. The durability is not bad either. If you spray it in the morning, the scent remains until the afternoon. In the evening, a faint scent passes by. Even though it is a cologne, it feels much longer lasting than Diptyque Fleur de Peau, which is an eau de parfum. (What is it?) But the scent is a bit strong, so if you spray a lot, it gives you a headache at first.
Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne is a delicate and romantic Valentine's Day perfume, capturing the essence of blossoming flowers with its soft and ethereal fragrance, invoking feelings of love and intimacy.

Valentine’s Day Perfume – Argenia niche perfume

I think that perfume gifts are the best for anniversaries like White Day. There is no one, especially women, who doesn’t like perfume gifts, and especially if you are someone who loves perfume like Heerangi, perfume gifts will be even more welcome! Rather than just preparing perfume, the impression will be doubled if you bring along some sweet snacks such as small chocolates or candies that are suitable for White Day, right?

Valentine's Day Perfume - Argenia niche perfume
There will be a variety of White Day gift packages, but the gift package I would personally recommend is the Argenia niche perfume gift package. First of all, the packaging box is simple, but it somehow seems to exude luxury, and the packaging is very neat and even includes a shopping bag. So it’s perfect as a gift for my girlfriend.


And the scent is also a refreshing and sweet scent that women won’t like. In short, it has a scent that feels both attractive and clean at the same time, so it’s definitely a scent that women won’t like! The scent I used is called Argenia perfume Classy Scent. To put it simply, you can think of it as a fruity floral scent!
It is a fruity-floral scent, with fruity top notes and flower notes such as violet, jasmine, and rose, giving it a feminine yet luxurious feel. The lingering scent that remains over time is a musk scent, so it also brings to mind the image of a sophisticated woman. This product can be used daily as it creates a variety of moods, and I thought it would be enough to use on special occasions or formal occasions.
The lingering scent that remains over time is cozy, so it reminds me of an image of a sophisticated, intelligent woman. Well, to explain it more easily, when I first sprayed it, it had a sweet, fruity scent and gave me a strong girlish vibe, but after a while, the floral color came out and it gave me the image of a mature woman! Since it is an eau de parfum, it lasts for 5 to 6 hours, and if you include the reverberation time, I think it lasts for about 8 hours!

Valentine’s Day Perfume – Foellie Inner perfume

Valentine’s Day is coming back! Poelier’s underwear perfume, Eau de Chocolat, is not just chocolate, it’s perfect for your taste! It is said that it was released for a limited time to commemorate Valentine’s Day. I recommend Poelier Inner Perfume and Eau de Chocolat Underwear Perfume as a Valentine’s Day gift.
​​Valentine's Day Perfume - Foellie Inner perfume
This is an inner perfume that lasts for 48 hours even if you just dab a drop on your underwear, so you’re a sensible person who takes care of even the places you can’t see! A person who smells good, a person who manages it? I think women should take care of themselves throughout their lives, so self-care is a must. But when I tried this, I loved it so much that I think it’s a sensible choice for sensible women!
I think it would be nice to give the scent of chocolate as a gift instead of the usual chocolate gift on Valentine’s Day, so I would like to recommend Poellier Underwear Perfume Eau de Chocolat. Poelier Underwear Perfume Eau de Chocolat is so special that even if there are people who have never tried it, there is no one who has tried it at least once. This is a limited-edition inner perfume that will be discontinued after a period of sales.​
Last time too, I felt the unique quality of the product due to its sophisticated packaging, and I was even more satisfied with it while using it. However, this time, with the Valentine’s Day special edition, it has a product design full of chocolate mood and a differentiated product package that excites the gifter, making it a great Valentine’s Day gift. It’s perfect!​
​Not only does it solve the problem of smell in the Y zone, but the initial scent is a bit strong, but the lingering scent leaves a deep lingering scent that makes you addictive. Poelier Eau de Chocolat is also recommended as a Valentine’s Day gift, but it is an unusual scent that I have never encountered before, and I keep repeating it over and over again. As I tell you, the lingering scent is so subtle and luxurious.​Underwear Perfume Eau De Chocolat This is a truly addictive scent!


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