Elevating Your Senses With Cloud Perfume’s Airy Fragrance

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Perfum

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum is lively yet cute with the scent of coco and milky vanilla! Agana Grande perfume made in a very pretty cloud-shaped case! This perfume, also called cloud perfume, is a women’s perfume characterized by a bottle filled with Ariana’s love for clouds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case design like this anywhere!

Cloud Perfume - Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum

If you look at it like this, the cloud and perfume are separated. Does it feel like the cloud is a holder for perfume? It’s pretty either alone or on top of a cloud! It’s a really cute perfume bottle design that makes you feel good when you look at it, so it’s worth owning. If you remove the clouds, the pretty sky blue color stands out! Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume Case is coming out. It feels like a clear, pretty sky! The lid is also shaped like a cloud, so cute!


When you spray the scent, the sweet scent of coconut and vanilla lasts the longest, but the finish is musky, so it’s not light at all! It was a women’s perfume that maintained an elegant, atmospheric scent that I even liked the lingering scent. When I lightly sprayed it on my wrists, neck, or hair, the subtle, sweet coconut scent spread, adding a very lovely feeling. This would be a great girlfriend’s perfume!


Cloud Perfum – Holiday 7 “pub

Feels like a 30ml niche perfume handmade! It was a unique perfume that could not be found anywhere, and I liked that even the bottle had its own personality. I like the size that fits comfortably in my hand. I feel like I will cherish it and give it away~ Looking closely at the enclosed photo card, I realized that the red house on the clouds was not just a house, but a pub.

Cloud Perfum - Holiday 7 "pub
What a Holiday Seven Pub! I just read the picture description, but honestly, I was a little moved. I must have been having a hard time these days, too. If the red holiday pub in the clouds was in front of me, I would go right away and order an Irish dark beer, and nod my head while listening to the music in that place filled with strangers..

It would be great if every day could be fun and stress-free like a vacation. Let the ‘sunshine of the day’ become a refreshing citrus, and the cozy clouds become a lily of the valley and a fresh lotus flower. The red brick is expressed as a pink peony, and the feeling of settling down comfortably over time is expressed through violet leaves and powdery amber, and the dreamy texture of the clouds is expressed through a lingering scent mixed with vanilla and musk.
After reading the explanation, I definitely understood better. The fact that it was scented according to the story of the picture was also romantic. The first scent was really refreshing and made me feel light and lively, and when the first scent left, a soft and sweet vanilla scent emerged. I definitely felt very cozy and comfortable not only for my body, but also for my clothes, blanket, and room. Above all, the price is reasonable so you don’t have to worry, and the quality of the product is great!


Cloud Perfum – Cafune Nature(sky blue morning clouds)

It’s a very pretty pocket fabric perfume. The name is so pretty! It has a warm soapy scent, befitting its name, Sky Blue Morning Cloud. When I spray it on my clothes, they feel like they were freshly washed. What if you turn fabric softener into perfume? There are other scents besides this one. It’s a great perfume to give as a gift because it’s portable! I tried other scents and they were really, really good.
Cloud Perfum - Cafune Nature(sky blue morning clouds)
Looking at the reviews of those who purchased it, I saw that there were many people who purchased it from Ideas. After searching, it seems that you can purchase it on its own. If you don’t use Ideas, you can search and purchase it right away!
It is said that the sky-blue morning clouds were made with cotton and flowers. That must have made them feel cozy. It feels like fabric softener, so it’s really good to spray anywhere. A scent you won’t like or dislike? I think it is. And I thought it was a big advantage to be able to take it outside. It’s great to spray it on after eating smelly food!


Cloud Perfum – LUV MOA Solid Perfume Nuvem

The solid perfume we recommend today is LUV MOA Solid Perfume Nuvem! Among the crowd of people, the scent of the person I passed by is so good that I think about the person who looks back without realizing it. This product is also very famous as a solid perfume.

Cloud Perfum - LUV MOA Solid Perfume Nuvem

There are a total of 2 scents

Nuvem: A scent that seems to pass by in the clouds
Albori: A scent that melts your heart with the sound of burning firewood
The scent I chose is “Nuvem,” which feels like passing by clouds because it’s spring.


LUV MOA is said to tell the story of love as a scent. On a special day, it’s not a bad idea to give a solid perfume as a gift to a loved one. It’s said to be a scent that even flight attendants use a lot! Our flight attendants welcome passengers with a subtle scent onboard the plane.


Love More has a luxurious scent and an attractive lingering scent. If I spray an attractive scent, I too become an attractive person. It’s the kind of scent that makes you look at it again as you pass by. First of all, I really like the scent and it’s easy to carry, so it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. Plus, it passed the skin-irritation test and the alcohol-free test!


Nuvain, which means cloud, is a cozy white floral scent created by combining fresh orange flowers, neat iris, and sensual tuberose. It’s the kind of scent that only I want to know about, so I recommend it! I would like to recommend this to these people. Anyone who wants to carry a subtle scent anytime, anywhere! These days, flowers seem to smell really good! Squeeze a little onto your fingertips and apply to the ends of your hair to complete the scent.


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