Romantic Perfume Gift Ideas For A Memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Perfume – Issey Miyake Drop Dyssey Eau De Perfum Fresh

I’m really into perfume these days, so I’m looking for various items, starting with #OliveEngagedSoo. Actually, I’m very sensitive to scents, so I can’t use scents that are too sweet or strong. So, I came to prefer fresh scents that were easy to use. However, the new product from Issey Miyake that I would like to highly recommend as a perfume gift that I came across this time was so good that I took it with me and sprayed it on my travels.

Valentine's Day Perfume - Issey Miyake Drop Dyssey Eau De Parfum Fresh

I wanted to recommend it because it smelled so good, and I was even more excited because it was a new product in the Drop Dissey line, a perfume collection immersed in the story of nature and nature from the global fashion brand <Issey Miyake>! I had high expectations because it was a new product from Drop Dissey, a best-selling perfume that comes to mind when you think of Issey Miyake!


In fact, as soon as I opened it, the simple appearance of the bottle and the refreshing color first caught my eye. I was surprised by how good the scent was, but I was even more excited because vegan perfumes are not common. First of all, the scent was really attractive, and they said it was a product that captured the journey of raindrops on a spring day.


But my first impression was that it was a light rain, as if I was stepping on a blooming flower, and it was a basic yet not overly obvious scent. It is not a heavy and overpowering scent that gives me a headache, but it is a product that really expresses the refreshing nature of raindrops, so it has a soft scent. If you are someone who likes floral and refreshing scents, I think you can use this all year round. I took a picture of it because it goes well with water. Not only the scent but also the actual bottle has a very pretty shape.


Not only the round shape that seemed to represent water drops, but also the vibrant green grass and color of the raindrops falling from the blue sky were attractive. Perhaps because it is a bottle inspired by raindrops traveling through nature, the first scent of refreshing rain accord really captivates the tip of the nose. And as time goes by, the floral scent of lilac and damask rose adds to the scent, making it a recommended women’s perfume. Not only that, but it had an attractive scent no matter who used it.


Valentine’s Day Perfume – Narciso Rodriguez Musk Noir

This time, I would like to introduce you to an attractive perfume that makes you feel good as soon as you spray it. Narciso Rodriguez perfume is recommended as a gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Narciso Rodriguez Musk Noir, a perfume that expresses the mystery of a woman who expresses inner beauty and innate sensuality. The first-ever transparent bottle and signature black cap combine to make it an excellent interior accessory.

Valentine's Day Perfume - Narciso Rodriguez Musk Noir

The scent is really captivating, so I recommend this product as a gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I liked the delicate pink juice inside the transparent bottle the most. I thought it had a delicate feel, but when I actually smelled it, it was a rich and thick musk. It was really attractive. It was a mysterious yet sensual scent, so I could feel its charm.


The scent is Floriental Musk. The fresh and captivating plum is the top note, with addictive musk and rose at the center. In addition, the leather suede accord allows you to feel not only sensuality, but also comfort and warmth. It’s long-lasting, so you can feel the captivating scent if you spray it on before going on a date, and the subtle lingering scent that lingers when you return home is also really nice.


A scent that entices you to keep sniffing it with a secret and mysterious feeling. To fully enjoy the scent when I get home, I spray it on my bedside or wrist one more time and enjoy the scent until I go to bed. An addictive and captivating scent that you can never stop using once you use it.

Valentine’s Day Perfume – MCM Perfume Onyx Eau de Perfum

Recommended summer men’s perfume with a unique and luxurious package! MCM MCM ONYX Onyx Eau de Parfum! The refreshingly spicy spice and ginger scent and the woody scent that follows are very cool, so I recommend it not only as a men’s summer perfume, but also as a genderless perfume for those who like neutral scents like me. Perhaps because it is a perfume from MCM, a global luxury fashion house, the packaging feels differentiated..

Valentine's Day Perfume - MCM Perfume Onyx Eau de Parfum

Because of the luxurious yet unique packaging, I think it would be a great summer perfume gift! MCM Onyx Eau de Parfum, a summer men’s perfume featuring a strong color combination of black and dark gray and a refreshing woody and spicy scent that goes well with summer~!! At first, my eyes were caught by the luxurious and unique backpack-shaped bottle design, but when I tried it, the scent was so much to my taste that I fell in love twice. The bottle design containing the stark backpack of MCM perfume Onyx Eau de Parfum shows the brand’s heritage.
The bottle alone is already worth collecting! No matter where you place it, it feels like an object or fashion item. But not only is the bottle design unique and luxurious, but the scent is really great!! It starts with a refreshing, popping scent of spice and ginger, followed by a soft, fresh lavender scent that feels like dried wood, followed by the lingering scents of patchouli, amberwood, and darkwood. Usually, other men’s summer perfumes often have a good lingering scent.
MCM Perfume Onyx Eau de Parfum is cool and strong from the first scent, perfect for summer from the first impression!! Did you never know that the ginger scent, with its earthy and spicy scent, goes so well with summer? Anyway, I recommend it~


Valentine’s Day Perfume – Afterblow Eau de Perfum

I would like to recommend Afterblow Eau de Parfum Tender Wood, which is my favorite perfume of all time. Afterblow released perfume and hand cream, and among them, I came across the Tender Wood scent. In fact, it smells more like jasmine musk. I thought it would be my taste, but after smelling the Tender Wood scent, I changed my mind. It’s a simple, yet weighty, yet emotional brand. Even the box is very attractive.

Valentine's Day Perfume - Afterblow Eau de Perfum

The exterior is neat. I like clean bottles, so I really liked the clean + simple Afterblow perfume bottle. The problem is the scent, right? I don’t like woody scents. I tried famous woody scents and didn’t like them all. I lived my life thinking, ‘Oh, woody isn’t my type.’ But there was a person like that, and it wasn’t there. There’s an Afterblow Tender Wood perfume. It’s a woody scent to my taste that makes me really curious about how they made it. It’s definitely a woody scent. .But the softness covers the woody scent well and makes it very cozy.

The tender wood scent described in Afterblow is a calm and cozy woody scent with softness. But I think it is a scent that embodies that really well. I tend to like musk and floral scents, but I can feel the musk scent at the same time as the wood scent, so it’s really great. It’s cozy and cozy in itself. Actually, I thought woody scents tend to be more masculine or neutral scents, but I decided to get mine. To be honest, I recommend this perfume as a gift, and I also recommend it as a gift for Valentine’s Day soon. .I highly recommend it as a couple perfume too!


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