Minimalist Valentine’s Nail Art for Short Nails: Simple Yet Stunning Looks

Cute Short Vlentines Nails – Art of the Month ”Unique Line”

Since the body of my nails is short, I choose the simplest design for nail art. Gunpo Sanbon Station Nail Shop – Nail Coin – transformed my short nails into something pretty and unique. I was growing my nails to get a pretty manicure, but the gel nail polish I had previously had fell off and my nails were broken, so I was upset. Since my nails were short, the art I could choose from was limited, but the director of Nailcoin told me not to worry and that I could just choose the art I wanted and he would make it prettier. I’m really touched by what you do.

Cute Short Vlentines Nails - Art of the Month ''Unique Line''
​The first thing I did was get a cut-off to remove the existing nail, and my nails became weak overall, so I cut off all the nails I had grown out, but it was so refreshing… The nail art was already beautifully completed thanks to the director’s quick and meticulous touch!

Cute Short Vlentines Nails

Usually, when I go to get nail art, I get the feeling that short nails are a bit difficult, so I only chose simple designs, but the nail art director made it easy for me to choose, saying that even short nails can do a variety of art, and designed it as pretty as possible! The more you look at it, the cuter and more satisfying Nail Coin Art of the Month ‘Unique Line’ is. If you have short nails and are wondering whether or not to get nail art, I recommend Nail Coin!!
Cute Short Vlentines Nails

Cute Short Vlentines Nails – Hippie Nail

While I was working, I never dreamed of doing nail art, but now that my nails are free, I’m trying to mix a spoonful of aesthetic sense into them. Hippie Nail located in Galma-dong, Daejeon! Is there a place to park? I was a little worried, but fortunately there was plenty of parking space in front, perhaps because it was a residential complex! The interior of the small and neatly organized shop! Because it is a one-person shop, you must make a reservation before visiting.

Cute Short Vlentines Nails - Hippie Nail
The one-color nails I got when my friend got married were the first nails in my life… I heard a lot of hateful comments from my friends asking me what kind of wedding nails I received as basic care. Because I’m a person who likes simple things. It’s a little different from my usual style, Since it’s summer, I wanted to choose a refreshing design. I was so excited to get my nail art done properly after such a long time!

Cute Short Vlentines Nails
Current condition of my hand. This is not my foot. It’s a hand, a hand! In fact, my hands are so dry that they become cracked and itchy (don’t use work as an excuse). Also, I am a very lazy person when it comes to taking care of my hands, not even applying hand cream because I hate things being slippery. My nails are short and my hands aren’t pretty, so I was a little worried that the art wouldn’t suit me…! I love it so much!!

Cute Short Vlentines Nails
It looks great on short nails too! Actually, due to my personality, I’m not good at growing my nails, but Hippie Nail’s art seems to suit short nails like mine better. It’s so round and cute! Even I don’t want to look at it, but I attached it again for comparison. It’s really, really pretty. Cute… Really perfect for short nails. It’s pretty even if you just take a picture like this. It’s pretty even if you just take a picture from the car…More than anything, the art is pretty and unique!

Cute Short Vlentines Nails

Cute Short Vlentines Nails – Bangbae Station Nail Art

I visited the Bangbae Station nail art shop to get nail art that suits short nails! This was my favorite place to get my nails done because they even found a design and color that suited my hands! Bangbae Station Nail Nahyun Beauty was located close to Bangbae Station, so it was easy to find. The cute, clean, and pointy design was so pretty that I never got tired of it! Nahyun Beauty had a lot of regular customers, so I had more faith in them.

Cute Short Vlentines Nails - Bangbae Station Nail Art
​Also, there are different directors for eyelash perm and nails, so it’s easy to make a reservation! I arrived earlier than my reservation time and waited for a while! Interior with cute highlights~ I have thin and weak nails, so when I go to the nail salon, I always get one color, but the teacher said she would find a design that suits my hands. They asked me what my tastes were first and found a design that suited them!

Cute Short Vlentines Nails
I’ve been traveling all over the place, so my hands are very dark. They even thought about and decided on a nail color that would suit my black hands. Since my nails were very damaged, they first applied nutritional supplements. I felt like my nails were damaged when I got nail art done, but this place also takes the health of my nails into consideration! Completed nail! The design is perfect for short nails. It’s so pretty. It looked cute, classy and trendy! Take a picture even when you go outside! The staying power is really good too. Even now, two weeks later, it’s still sticking together very well!
Cute Short Vlentines Nails

Cute Short Vlentines Nails – Munjeong Dong Nail

I went to Munjeong-dong Nail Room to get my dog’s nails done. I have so many excuses to do my hair and nails~ But I can never give up because this is so healing. The Nail Room is located on the first basement level of the family shopping center right in front of Garak Market Station. I get excited when I see pretty nail colors. The Nail Room is a place that specializes in stone art and uses Swarovski, so there are so many bling-bling arts that caught my eye. There is a separate place to get a pedi, and there is also a private place to get eyelash care, so it would be a great place to come after canceling your membership. Same as The Nail Room Songpa Munjeong branch.
Cute Short Vlentines Nails - Munjeong Dong Nail

​Munjeong-dong Nail is a place I would like to recommend because the prices are relatively reasonable and there is a membership discount. Isn’t the art really diverse and pretty? Basically, these are works of art that make you feel that the director has poor sense. I really liked them all. After picking and choosing, I decided to get my fifth nail art here! Because my nails were so thin, I had to be careful to remove them, but they removed them cleanly without causing any heat or pain. I’ve always kept my nails long, but this time I decided to try short nails. Personally, I didn’t think a square would suit me, so I wondered if almond-shaped short nails would be possible, but the director nailed it in exactly the style I wanted. The Nail Room had a TV right in front, so I was able to get my nails done without getting bored, and the director was very quick, so I didn’t have a hard time.

Cute Short Vlentines Nails
​Personally, I am a person who believes that care is more important than art, but I feel relieved that my messy nails were cleaned up so neatly..! As soon as it came out, I liked it so much that I snapped it. Even short nails can have such pretty pink nails. I don’t have pretty hands, so I tried to make my nails look prettier by growing them out, but short nails are really good too,,? I liked it so much that I took a picture of it right away and sent it to my brother. He said it was really cute. I think they chose the art well. This is a bit tricky art because it has a gradient in the middle, but they did it very pretty and meticulously. The heart parts are also round and cute. The Nail Room, Munjeong-dong Nail, did my nails with meticulous care and did even my short nails beautifully.

Cute Short Vlentines Nails

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