Cute and Cuddly Valentine’s Day Toys for Kids

Cute Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids – ‘Lol Pearl Surprise’

For some time now, when I go to the toy section of the supermarket, my eyes are drawn to the colorful round balls. Even though I’m older, I still feel like a girl at heart. Half out of curiosity and half anticipation, I picked up a ball and bought it. I didn’t buy it for myself, but as a gift to my nephew who came to my house after a long time.

Cute Toys valentine gifts for kids - 'LOL PEARL SURPRISE'

Who would have thought that a cute girl with big eyes would suddenly appear. She got a full set of clothes and accessories like a bag, so her nephew would be very happy to see this. That is a product called ‘LOL PEARL SURPRISE’. I wonder if there is anything like this among girls’ toys these days.


Inside the round handcuff bag are six small white and black balls. And there is one clam-shaped foam ball included. When you put a fondant seashell in the water, bubbles form and a seashell display pops up. Inside the seashell are Roll Surprise and Little Sisters.


It consisted of a full set, including tops, bottoms, dresses, beverage containers, and shoes. My nephew is holding this toy tightly in his hand, saying that he will only play with this toy and not other toys. Normally, my nephew is not the type to play with one toy for a long time, but with this ‘LOL PEARL SURPRISE’ toy, he is constantly wiggling and playing with it from morning to evening. Even when taking a bath, he doesn’t let go of my hand. It’s a girl’s toy with cute charm. Recommended~


Cute Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids – ‘Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House’

Among the toys I recently purchased, my nephew really likes them and they are good toys, so I would like to recommend them as a gift for children. This is ‘Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House’, which is very popular among children these days. Jjanggu is a toy made from cartoon characters, but there are rumors that it is no longer available these days.

Cute Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids - 'Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House'

It’s not Lego, it’s Crayon Shin-chan House from Oxford. Even though I think about it, considering it was made in Oxford, I think it’s a really well-made and ambitious work this time. I liked that it was made with great detail for a children’s toy. The structure of the house is comparable to that of an actual cartoon, and even the small doors open, allowing you to enter and exit directly. Both boys and girls seem to really enjoy the fact that they can play family life at home.

Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House

I purchased this product as a toy for my 5-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy, but it has the same structure as Lego, so the blocks often break when children play with it. However, it is not something that children can just look at like a figure, and there was the hassle of having to reassemble it every time it broke, but after fixing it in just a few places with some glue, there was no major damage or problem.

Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House

This is not a finished product. You have to assemble each piece one by one. You have to assemble it by looking at about 2,000 blocks and instructions. It’s been a while since I went to Jokhang and was able to have fun while assembling it over the weekend, but it took a full day. The process of assembling it one by one from the ground up felt like building a house.

Oxford JG3625 Jjanggu’s House

Cuddly Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids – ‘Jelena Ball Jointed Doll’

Last year, I bought my nephew a kickboard that he wanted, and when I asked him what gift he wanted this year, he said he wanted a pretty princess doll. It’s a princess doll… There are so many different types, so I was searching to see what I would like if I bought it, and I found a ball-jointed doll that caught my eye. I feel happy because I think my nephew will really like this.

Cuddly Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids - 'Jelena Ball Jointed Doll'

I ordered a full set of 6 Jelena Ball Jointed Dolls. My nephew loved it so much. Everyone has a dream of having a princess doll when they were young. I had a doll that I was very attached to as a child, so I wanted to give a doll to my nephew as a gift. I ordered it as a surprise and wanted to keep the feeling of love as I opened the box myself. These days, I’m sick and can’t meet my favorite friends. I’m bored alone at home, so I hope I can relieve my loneliness with my doll friends.

Jelena Ball Jointed Doll

It’s perfect for a 6-year-old child to play with, and it’s also so lovely and pretty when displayed on a shelf or cabinet. Aren’t the features all so cute? Actually, ball-jointed dolls are a toy that many people like, but adults also have a hobby of collecting them. When I saw it myself, I felt like I knew why I developed such a hobby.

Jelena Ball Jointed Doll

When I first bought it for my niece, she had so much fun playing with it that she lost track of time. Just looking at it from the side made my aunt smile. She said she had to share the jelly she had been saving and put a ball-jointed doll in her hand. How lovely it looked.

Jelena Ball Jointed Doll

Cuddly Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids – ‘Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop’

The last toy we recommend for girls is ‘Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop.’ I think it would be a perfect gift for your lovely child or nephew. The price is cheap, and it has a bit of a sparkle, so I think even young babies can play with it and play house.

Cuddly Toys Valentine Gifts For Kids - 'Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop'

My nephew often watches Kongsuni on YouTube, and there are a lot of Kongsuni-related toys on the market. Among them, the new ice cream shop is a more upgraded version of the simple version. It is a product that allows children to take orders, choose the flavor they want, make ice cream from ice cream capsules, and add toppings. At Kongsuni, you can play while learning in the 7 play areas with an expert doctor. This toy provides artistic experience and creativity. I felt a little more confident when I heard that it corresponds to this.

Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop

This is the overall structure. There is a battery inside, and it was nice that the battery was included. There is an ice cream cone and several types of ice cream and toppings. There is also a case of ice cream, so I think it is a generous product. Like this, you can play with your nephew or child. It is an ice cream shop where there is no music, but Kongsoon’s voice does.

Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream capsule can be made flat by rotating the top, and it is made in a structure where you put it in the top of the machine and lower the lever, and it turns to make ice cream. You have to make it into a capsule and put it in, so that it turns and comes out properly. This part was a bit disappointing because I had to align the arrows to make sure it went in properly. It’s hard for the kids to guess… They play alone like this, but they keep calling me and having to do it myself. Of course, it would be better to have a device like this to play together.
Kongsuni Ice Cream Shop

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