Sweet Treats: Valentine’s Day Candy and Chocolate Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day Candy Gifts for Kids – ‘Mega Lollipop Candy’

We have so many days in the year: Monday, Day, Day. However, if we can take care of the children we love, we should take care of them. If you are happy to receive it or give it to us, you should do it. Even though we know it’s a commercial trick, we know it, but we don’t have to do it, but we always take care of it.

Mega Lollipop Candy

Every year a Mega Lollipop comes out. Mega means big. Doraemon Mega Lollipop, Kitty Mega Lollipop, Rat Drop Mega Lollipop, etc. Every year, Mega Lollipop comes out with different characters every year. As everyone knows, lollipop candy is a candy that you hold in your mouth.

Mega Lollipop Candy

This year it’s the Rat Drop Mega Lollipop candy. Just look at it at a glance and it’s big! It’s big, sweet and cute~ A huge mega lollipop candy! When we think of lollipop candy, we only think of Chupa Chups, but there are many different types of lollipop candy. However, we don’t need to worry about each product.

Valentine's Day Candy Gifts for Kids - 'Mega Lollipop Candy'

When you open the cute packaging, it’s no big deal. Rat bells are a product imported from Malaysia. Even though it’s not Children’s Day, under the pretext of Valentine’s Day, I recommended a type of candy that children would enjoy receiving on Valentine’s Day. It’s a difficult time for everyone, so good luck!

Mega Lollipop Candy

Valentine’s Day Candy Gifts for Kids – ‘Candy Grabber’

It’s been a while since I bought a toy under the pretext of Valentine’s Day. I looked it up on the Internet and it seems that many people are looking for it as a gift not only on Valentine’s Day and White Day, but also on Children’s Day. For some reason, I think little children will like it. So, I ended up buying a candy grabber for my little boy who visits the Pit Eup Fat booth! After I bought it, I play with it every day, haha.

Valentine's Day Candy Gifts for Kids - 'Candy Machine'

But it says on the box that it is for ages 3 and up. Inside the box, the main body and manual are placed side by side. I liked that it was a finished product so there was no need to assemble it separately. The yellow color was the prettiest, and looking at candy machine reviews, the majority of reviews were for the yellow color. But I like light purple, so I bought this.

Candy Grabber

Just the perfect size for kids to enjoy! If it’s too big, it takes up space! I think the small size is just right. The older version of the candy machine allows you to put candy in through the small door at the top! And the large door at the back allows you to easily put candy in. If you push down on that thing that sticks out, the door will open. I think kids will love it if you buy it for them!

Candy Grabber

Valentine’s Day Candy Gifts for Kids – ‘Sugar Lolly Rainbow Cotton Candy’

Children first look for snacks after school~ At the end of school, children only want to buy sweet snacks at the stationery store and convenience store in front of the school, but mom wonders, isn’t there a snack with even a little less sugar? I diligently check the sugar content and ingredients. From cotton candy snacks that kids love!! I found Korea’s first cotton candy with vitamins!!

Sugar Lolly Rainbow Cotton Candy

​Sugar lolly is made with xylose sugar to reduce the sugar absorption rate and contains vitamin C to provide nutrition. Herb Asia’s sugar lolly is made with care to recreate the taste of street handmade cotton candy that you remember, while creating a more unique and unique cotton candy.

Sugar Lolly Rainbow Cotton Candy

Sugar Lolly Character Introduction

Sugar Bear: One product is ‘BIG Sugar Lolly’, a cotton candy with various flavors and pretty colors.
Lolly Bear: ‘Tok Tok Sugar Lolly’ is a cotton candy with a fun texture by adding popping candy that pops in the mouth to the BIG Sugar Lolly.

Sugar Lolly Character

Tok Tok Sugar Lolly, a domestically produced premium rainbow cotton candy with popping candy sprinkles. In the future, when you want to eat Toktok Sugar Lolly Rainbow Cotton Candy with popping candy sprinkles, you can buy it by looking at the bag with Herb Asia Sugar Lolli’s brown character Lolli Bear drawn on it! The sugar lollies made by Herb Asia are cotton candy that does not melt even in the summer. Because of this, it is always soft and can be frozen in the freezer and eaten refreshingly. Sugar lolly put in the children’s snack compartment in the freezer~ Sugar lolly cotton candy that doesn’t melt and is great as a summer dessert or summer snack!

Sugar Lolly Rainbow Cotton Candy

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts for Kids – ‘Terre DE Glace’

The cute package catches your eye, but it’s also true that it’s a healthy snack made with organic cacao powder and organic sugar. Real chocolate lollipop! So it makes sense for a mother to feel less sorry about giving it to her children. The packaging is so pretty, right? Although it excludes vegetable oil, it contains real cocoa butter, so it is said to be sensitive to temperature.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gifts for Kids - 'Terre DE Glace'

There are 9 pieces in one box, and they say they reproduce the taste of European chocolate, so people who have actually tried it applaud! Since it is individually wrapped, I think it is perfect to give as a gift to children. So, you can feel at ease even if you give it to children as a snack.

Terre DE Glace

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts for Kids – ‘Strawberry Dark Chocolate’

The homemade chocolate in a cute bottle contains freeze-dried strawberries, making it refreshing and making it the queen of chocolate snacks that make it a great gift. It tastes good and doesn’t contain a lot of chocolate, making it a good snack for children. Handmade chocolate that eliminates the idea that chocolate is bad for your health. It’s delicious and healthy at the same time, so it’s a good gift to give to your loved ones. It’s not too sweet, so you can eat it without any worries.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gifts for Kids - 'Strawberry Dark Chocolate'

Unlike regular chocolate, it contains raw strawberries inside. Thanks to this, it has a crispy texture and is full of vitamins! Perfect as a premium snack! The taste and appearance are luxurious. This is a handmade chocolate that you will savor with your eyes closed for its luxurious taste. And when you eat it, powder comes out. This is also cocoa powder from Valrhona, one of France’s top three chocolate companies, and is a premium powder mainly used in famous bakeries and high-end restaurants! You know you’ll eat everything, right?

Strawberry Dark Chocolate

From high-quality Belgian chocolate to French cocoa powder. It is the queen of snacks that is good as a children’s snack with a rich chocolate flavor that is different from the chocolate they usually eat. I especially like the freeze-dried strawberries. The rich dark chocolate flavor and the fresh and crispy freeze-dried strawberries go perfectly together.

Strawberry Dark Chocolate

While eating Maven Daldalguri, you may be confused as it is your first time seeing dark chocolate like this haha. But once you try it, you will really like the rich flavor and fresh strawberries. I’ll probably keep looking for it. Handmade chocolate that gently melts in your mouth thanks to tampering technology. Give it to your children as a Valentine’s Day gift!

Strawberry Dark Chocolate

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