Treat Your Loved One With Dunkin’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Drink

Dunkin Valentines Drink – ‘Dunkin’ Black Sesame Latte’

These days, I go to yoga to get some aerobic exercise. The place I always stop by on my way home is Dunkin’. I wonder if I can be this happy when I have time for myself. This time, there were a lot of delicious-looking donuts, so I decided to buy Dunkin’ Strawberry Chumisty and the always delicious Stoberry Fields.

Dunkin Valentines Drink - 'Dunkin' Black Sesame Latte'

Dunkin’s chocolate donuts are also very delicious, so be sure to try them. A Happy Birthday Donet that I think I definitely need to buy this Valentine’s Day! I must try it next time. The donut shapes are so pretty that when you enter Dunkin’, you end up looking at them one by one. It was amazing. I went home holding my favorite black sesame latte in one hand.


I could have eaten at the restaurant, but I was sweaty after doing yoga, so I wanted to come home and wash up. Of course, on this day, I thought that the black sesame latte should not get cold before I even showered. The black sesame latte is very savory. I recommend stirring it while drinking.


Dunkin Valentines Drink – ‘Dunkin Americano’

‘Jamy Strawberry Mochi Donuts’ and ‘Spring Strawberry Chewy Tea’, “I’ll definitely try them!” Next, I was curious about the drinks, so I went to see them in person at the store. The prices were similar to that of a slightly cheaper cafe. While browsing the Happy Points app a while ago, I saw that they were selling a 30-day subscription to Dunkin Donuts Americano.

Dunkin Valentines Drink - 'Dunkin Americano'

​Dunkin enthusiasts will benefit from this! Dunkin Donuts Beverages has beverages other than coffee and tea! I went into the Dunkin’ store, grabbed the tray and tongs provided on one side, and started putting food in earnest. I wanted to try this month’s donut strawberry series, but they were all sold out and there were none left (sad).


​As I was disappointed, I put one of my favorites, ‘Olive Chewy Tea’, on a tray and finished it off with ‘Strawberry Fields, which is meant to be my own comfort.’ It was disappointing that there were so few types of donuts to choose from, perhaps because most of them were sold out.


​I finished my order by choosing a cold Americano to drink together. Dunkin Donuts Americano is not too bitter and is perfect for my taste. After a while, everything I ordered was ready and I took it with me and returned to the spot I had previously reserved.

Dunkin Americano

​And the reason why Olive Chewy Tea is good is because if you cut it with a knife like in the photo above, you can easily eat it one by one with a fork. The chewy, savory, and sweet flavor is truly the best!! Next, I picked up the strawberry field with my hand and took a big bite. It was so full of jam! Personally, it’s not my taste, so you’re out! Even though it’s 3pm right now, they’re all sold out, right? I think Dunky Donuts are very popular. Come to the store quickly next time.


Dunkin Valentines Drink – ‘Dunkin Hershey Chocolate Drink’

When you think of February, the holiday that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day! Dunkin’ Hershey’s Chocolate drink released for this day. I heard it was a collaboration with Hershey, the king of sweetness. I think you can have a really pleasant day with a sweet donut and a sweet drink called ‘Hush Chocolate’~

Dunkin Valentines Drink - 'Dunkin Hershey Chocolate Drink'

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the best in the chocolate world. You can feel the sweet and rich flavor of Hershey’s chocolate by adding plenty of Hershey’s chocolate. A sweet taste that is not too overwhelming that you will remember once you taste it!

Dunkin Valentines Drink

The combination of Heart Duo is also quite popular, but if you eat the combination of Chocolate Berry Dual Heart and Lovely Dual Heart along with Hershey’s, it’s a golden meal!

Dunkin Valentines Drink

Dunkin Valentines Drink – ‘Dunkin Honey Latte’

Since it was winter and strawberry season, I ordered a honey strawberry latte. A typical strawberry latte is milk with strawberry syrup, but this one is not watery like milk, but rather thick and has the crunchy texture of ice particles. So it was quite difficult to mix it up and eat it. The strawberry flavor is strong, but when you drink it, you get a slightly greasy taste.

Dunkin Valentines Drink - 'Dunkin Honey Latte'

There are many French cafes that sell strawberry lattes, but it is difficult to find a place that sells apple mango lattes. First of all, as the name suggests, it contains a lot of honey, so it is very sweet and delicious. And there was so much fruit that it was 15% milk + 80% fruit + 5% ice.

Dunkin Honey Latte

It tasted like frozen apple mango cut into small pieces, sprinkled with a lot of sweet honey on top, and mixed with milk. It was so delicious. The strawberries also taste like frozen strawberries cut into small pieces and drizzled with honey! I don’t like strawberry lattes that contain artificial juice, but this one was good because it contained real frozen strawberries. The sweetness of the Apple Mango Latte is definitely much sweeter!! I think I 100% intend to buy it from Dunkin’ again in the future.

Dunkin Honey Latte

Dunkin Valentines Drink – ‘Dunkin Canned Drink’

Dunkin’ now gives out canned drinks! When you order regular manufactured drinks, they provide them in cans for free to anyone who wants them. When I saw that, I ordered it right away. The exterior is the same as a regular can. There are cola cans, right? Just that size~ The advantage is that you can take it with you on the bus!! There is no need to worry about it leaking. The downside is that it is too cold!!! My hands are freezing in the cold winter. I could easily drink coffee with a straw like this.


​The design of the can is cute, and again, I like it because I can safely bring it with me even if it gets shaken when moving. I carried it around for about 20 minutes and it didn’t melt much. The ice condition was perfect!

Dunkin Canned Drink

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