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Valentines Nails 2023 – ‘Sponge Pastel Green’

We recommend the sponge nail, a spring nail art design with a style that emphasizes a somewhat sophisticated feel rather than a cute feel that is created by patting it into a shape. In addition, this nail has a lot of lovely colors that are perfect as a wedding nail art design, and has a pink baize look. It’s perfect for a pedicure with a cute feel based on!Above all, I think this style is perfect because the white and bright pink colors and the graffiti are very pretty.

Valentines Nails 2023 - 'Sponge Pastel Green'

And another recommended nail polish! A pastel green nail style that is highly recommended as a spring nail art design! That’s right, green is also the color of truth in spring. It’s perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere by adding pastel green and colorful accents like a white bouquet to the clear base! Moreover, I like that the lines are bordered with silver color, which emphasizes a more elegant feel. Likewise, in the case of pedicures, I think it would be perfect to use pastel green as the base color and add pink, yellow and purple holograms to give a refreshing point, emphasizing the feeling of flowers blooming in a garden.

Valentines Nails

Valentines Nails 2023 – ‘Wedding Nails’

Wedding nails with a subtle sparkle! A three-dimensional daisy flower drawn stitch by stitch with transparent gel on a background sparkling with aurora-colored pearls using magnetic gel! With an excited heart, I went to get my wedding nails done, which I had reserved in advance last week. The last time I got my nails done, they grew a lot, so I got a new one.

Valentines Nails 2023 - 'Wedding Nails'

Every time I go, there are a lot of customers who come to get a pedicure, and there are a lot of people who take care of it consistently, showing me the before and after and giving me thorough care, so I think the satisfaction level is high. Whenever I go for nail art, I think of a design in advance, but my mind changes every time I go. I like it.

Wedding Nails

This time, I requested a similar request by sending a photo of the white or silver color scheme I had planned as I wanted to receive elegant wedding nails, but with a neat yet unique design. The silver color can look gray and dull, so I used magnetic gel to add a subtle sparkle to the neat nude-toned white.

Wedding Nails

I drew four three-dimensional flowers as points on my ring finger and thumb, and it was a delicate design that took quite a bit of time to draw, stitch by stitch, one real petal, then bake one, and then bake it. The pistil of the flower was expressed with pearls and gold rings to give it a more luxurious feel! I would like to recommend nails with this neat design not only for wedding nails but also if you like feminine outfits.

Wedding Nails

Valentines Nails 2023 – ‘Tulip Nail’

My nails are dirty with full stone. I needed care, so I visited a nail salon. I’m going to do the nails shown in the picture below. For some reason, I really like those tulips. From the cool accents of mother-of-pearl to luxurious tulips!! I should have peeled off the nail polish I had done a few weeks ago, but I left it and it’s a mess.

Valentines Nails 2023 - 'Tulip Nail'

I felt refreshed as the nail salon teacher took turns using a drill and a pusher to thoroughly push my cuticles. Ta-da, even the flower clusters were beautifully expressed. I also really like the pretty gradient mother-of-pearl. The price is cheap, so I recommend tulip nails when you need elegant nails.

Tulip Nail

Valentines Nails 2023 – ‘Pink Flower Nails’

Until now, when I think of the holiday season called spring, I only think of transparent, clear pastel pink and bright colors of the world, but I never imagined that Indian mood pink would look so lovely. Until now, I thought these mood tones were only fall colors, right? This nail was done in a coffin shape with a matte nail, giving it a very unique and elegant feel.

Valentines Nails 2023 - 'Pink Flower Nails'

I did a matte nail in a coffin shape. I only added a highlight to the ring finger, but it felt completely different from what I was used to, and the more I look at it, the more I become a nail mania, right? At first glance, the parts on the left and right hands seem similar, but the overall feel is unified, and if you look closely, the colors of the matte dried rose bouquet 3D stones are all different, and the other stones are also different sizes.

Pink Flower Nails

Until a few years ago, I would never even look at such large stones in jewelry such as necklaces, rings, or earrings, but now my tastes seem to be changing little by little. I’ve always been a fan of simple things… but these nails are really pretty!! I think it creates a lovely, warm and bright feeling. In the right hand, there is a large rose bouquet with a 3D stone on it, and it reminds me of a maze park covered with roses in a European movie.

Valentines Nails

Valentines Nails 2023 – ‘Peach Nails’

Due to the nature of my job, I don’t get to do my nails often, but I envy people who change their nails every month. You can do all kinds of cute and pretty art… I’m not the type of person to sit down for a long time, but I was able to get my nails done really quickly. What I did was peach nails. I think this nail polish is perfect for spring.

Valentines Nails

This nail art is pretty, has good staying power, and is meticulously cared for! Maybe it’s because the nail salon teacher took great care in performing the procedure so meticulously, but the staying power is really good! It stayed solidly for a long time. I really want to stuff my fingernails like this. Even on the way home, I end up looking at my nails because they are so pretty, so I have to be careful when driving. Haha.

Valentines Nails

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