Clever Idea of Cute and Lovely Short Valentine Nails

Short Valentines Nails – ‘Summer Nail’


If your nails are short, a gently flowing curved line looks better than a straight line. Finish by drawing French lines in a curved shape around the nail and drawing white lines together like waves. The point here is to draw slightly different waves for each finger. The combination of neon-tinged colors and white lines creates an even more refreshing feel.

Short Valentines Nails - 'Summer Nail'


I put the parts on transparent nails and added a French touch by lightly painting the fingertips with silver glitter. The large heart parts give a lovely yet hip feel. If you feel uncomfortable putting the parts on all ten fingers, it is a good idea to put the parts on only the point finger. When using large-sized parts on blunt nails, it looks cooler if you use transparent nails without color.

Summer Nail


You don’t even have time to go to the nail salon? It’s also a good idea to try doing your own nails, which are simple but have a definite highlight. I created this look by casually dabbling dots on bare nails. This is a nail polish that anyone can easily create without any difficult techniques. It’s OK if you draw with small changes in position and size. It’s also fun to choose a color that matches your mood or look that day.

Summer Nail


This is a nail design that makes you feel good just by looking at it. It’s okay not to draw many smiles on short and blunt nails. You can create a more cheerful mood by combining 2 to 3 pastel colors that are soft like cotton candy rather than just one color. It will go well even if you add colorful accessories.

Summer Nail

Short Valentines Nails – ‘Chestnut Nail’

I would like to recommend chestnut nail art that is as plump as a chestnut. At this time of year, when the sharp outer shell opens open and the plump chestnuts start to fall, I put a chestnut on my hand that tastes good and looks lovely. Would you like to try Albalm Nail Art, which has simple drawing methods and materials?

Short Valentines Nails - 'Chestnut Nail'

This is the smooth chestnut that I will draw as the highlight this time. Just as seasonal food is good for your health, you can enjoy the season properly by doing seasonal nails. It’s atmospheric and cute with plenty of fall and winter colors. It will look better on people with short or small nails. I also shortened my nails to do this.

Chestnut Nail

Drawing Chestnut

1. Draw the rough bottom of the chestnut in a curved shape with light beige.
2. Make chestnut shells with sharp tips like kisses using chestnut color. It’s easy to use a fine brush and fill in the color.
3. Put maroon color on a toothpick or dot stick and make dots.
4. Draw a small khaki color on the remaining space above the chestnut.

Chestnut Nail

Lastly, add a thick layer of top gel to complete an attractive ‘albalm nail’ with a bouncy shine! Anyone can easily follow along with the simple 4-step art. The time spent was short, but it was fun to draw because it made such cute and pretty chestnuts. The small but significant snowflake-shaped star adds cuteness. I drew chestnuts in the same way on my middle finger. Wouldn’t it be fun to fill one or two chestnuts, or all ten fingers if you wanted? If a squirrel sees something that looks delicious, it’ll bite its nails! I feel like asking.


For the rest of my nails, I made a clean look with a full coat of calm khaki and dark beige, toned down as if the scent of cold air had been carried through. I think it will look even warmer if I wear these nails and a warm muffler. I’m just going to apply fall and winter colors. When you’re a little bored, try putting some chestnuts on your nails to give them a nice focal point. It was chestnut nail art for the fall/winter season that reminded me of roasted chestnuts bursting with heat.

Chestnut Nail

Short Valentines Nails – ‘Autumn nail’

For this nail, I prepared a lovely fall nail full of hearts. I used glitter nails that go well in all four seasons and velvet gel, which is popular in fall and winter, to create a warm and sparkly design. This one is a particularly simple nail, so it’s easy to follow. Turn it off. The bright and refreshing red color is the main color, but you can get a unique texture by mixing matte and gloss. This nail design has a particularly cute feel, so it’s twice as cute when done on short nails.

Short Valentines Nails - 'Autumn nail'


-Circular glitter gold & red, heart glitter, pearl parts, basic gel ingredients

Especially the art on the middle finger that many people like! I will teach you how to do glitter nails with hearts falling down. Before adding glitter, I did a slight gradient with a light nude tone. It’s okay to just apply it to transparent nails, and it’ll look neater if you apply a clear nude color.

Valentines Nails

Drawing Heart Nail

1. After applying the clear gel, do not bake the gel but attach the circular glitter.
2. Attach heart glitter between the circular glitters.
3. Attach square glitter or small circular glitter to the empty space. And bake the gel.
4. Apply clear gel on the glitter and then attach the pearl parts.

Valentines Nails

Lastly, apply Clear Gel-Top Gel and cover the glitter and pearls thoroughly and you’re done! Since nails can be completed just by attaching the materials, you can make pretty heart nails very easily, right? The clear feeling of hearts pouring out is so pretty! The point of this type of glitter nail is to apply the clear gel and top gel thickly to prevent the glitter from sticking out. If you apply it multiple times, you can create plump, volume-boosting art that looks prettier and lasts longer. Then, I applied red velvet gel to the remaining fingers and applied matte top gel for a soft finish.

Valentines Nails

I drew a heart with velvet gel on the thumb nail, put gold glitter on the border, and then attached pearl parts on the top and bottom of the heart glitter. The heart filled with velvet glitter was very fun because it showed fluffy fur. Unfortunately, it was velvet. If you don’t have gel, you can make a hollow transparent heart and it will go well with the middle finger glitter art.

Valentines Nails

Short Valentines Nails – ‘Heart Smile Nail’

I made a super simple heart nail that even bear hands can do. This is a heart cheek smile nail that will make you smile just by looking at it. Super simple, recommended for those who have short nails and have difficulty doing self-art on their own! Super cute! Let’s make gel nails together~ Hearts are in full bloom in my hands~ Sometimes I don’t have time but I really want to do my nails, but there are times when complicated nails are a hassle. The materials and method for this art are simple, so it’s great because you can do it in your spare time before going to sleep.

Short Valentines Nails - 'Heart Smile Nail'

If you do it according to romantic seasons such as Valentine’s Day or White Day, it can be an even more special nail polish. It’s especially cute and much cuter on people with short and small nails. Then, that’s the point of this nail polish! Let’s make lovely smile art like a red-faced teenage girl~

Short Nails


Black gel, heart glitter in desired color


Drawing Heart Smile Nail

1. Draw a long circle with black gel. (I was going to use transparent nail polish, so I only applied base gel)
2. Draw a long smiling mouth and bake it in a lamp.
3. Tap the top gel on the corners of the mouth, attach heart glitter, and bake.
4. Lastly, add the clear gel-top gel and you’re done!

Valentines Nails

This is how the completed heart cheeks~ The sight of the two of them facing each other is cute and lovely. One side was red and the other side was dark pink. The mood also changes depending on the color of the heart on the cheek. I liked the left pink-cheeked smile a little more, perhaps because it had a more holographic feel. The most kind smile in the world. On the rest of the nails, I put very simple red hearts. Just attach a mini heart to the center of the nail and cover it thoroughly with clear gel-top gel. A super simple heart nail. I made it by mixing red and transparent pink glitter. By using AB glitters, holographic colors appear depending on the angle.

Valentines Nails

If you want, you can apply the base color, but since this concept is a super simple nail polish that you can do alone, I was able to save a lot of time by omitting the base color. However, the charm of this nail is that it looks like a bouncy glass bead. Create easy and fun self-nails with tiny hearts and lovely smile nails filled with girlish sensibility。

Valentines Nails

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