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Starbucks Beverage of 2020

Frappuccino of Colors

When you think of Starbucks in India, what comes to mind is City Cup. The existing country cup feels large and clunky, as if it could even fit ramen. There are cute pictures of things that come to mind when you think of India, including cricket, which Indians prefer more than soccer or baseball, Indian women in saris, and picking tea leaves. Dancing people and movie cameras remind me of Bollywood. And the Hyderabad mug. If you are planning to travel to India, it can be a souvenir to recall your travel memories. The size is not that big and it is lighter than the existing large mug, so it seems to be more useful.

Additionally, Starbucks in India usually displays seasonal menus and new menus on the banner display at the entrance. When you go inside, you look at the POP and MD displays and then look at the POSM at the checkout counter to choose a menu. There is something I usually drink these days, or something I particularly want to drink today. However, on days when there is a seasonal menu, be sure to order it and try it!

Frappuccino of Colors

March in India is the month of Holi Festival, one of the country’s biggest festivals. The drink is called Frappuccino of Colors. Strawberry on top, chocolate on the bottom. It tastes just like you imagine. It’s pleasantly sweet and refreshing! Holi is the festival of colours, so yellow, red and light blue sugar flakes are sprinkled on top. If you eat it before it melts, you can enjoy a chewy and chewy texture.

It feels like nostalgic junk food, and I imagine happy moments of cute little children quietly enjoying the colorful Holi festival with their families at home. Gently fold in the shiny colored sugar pieces and mix well. The strawberry and chocolate flavors are so delicious that I can’t help but feel bad!


2021 Starbucks Valentine’s Strawberry Drinks

Sweet strawberry drinks came to Starbucks in February 2021. Let’s take a look at what drinks were served.

  • Starbucks Strawberry Latte
  • Strawberry Lime Shaken Tea
  • Strawberry Jelly Blended

I heard that Starbucks has released 3 strawberry drinks and they are all iced drinks.

–  Starbucks Strawberry Latte

* Just like Strawberry Boyeon’s style! A real strawberry latte drink with refreshing and sweet strawberry pulp that is great for people of all ages.

[ Serving Size (240 kcal) ]

2021 Starbucks Valentine's Strawberry Drink

Only grande size and ice were sold. It’s a strawberry latte that looks sweet just by looking at it. It feels like strawberry milk with chewy strawberries. *

–  Strawberry Lime Shaken Tea

* It is a drink that emphasizes the overall color of strawberries. A refreshing & refreshing drink that adults can enjoy cleanly. A refreshing strawberry drink with strawberry & lime & lemon and a small amount of matcha powder.

[ Serving Size (240 kcal) ]

This also sold only Grande size and Ice. The calories are good too. *

–  Strawberry Jelly Blended

*It is said that the recent trend of strawberries is to add soft strawberry glutinous rice cakes. It is said to be a new combination of strawberries with a refreshing, soft, and soft strawberry texture! A drink that resembles strawberry glutinous rice cake in the shape of strawberries, jelly, and fluffy whipped cream.

Strawberry Jelly Blended

[ Serving Size (425 kcal) ]

This also sold only Grande size and ice. I drank a strawberry drink, but it’s funny that it contains strawberry flavored glutinous rice cake jelly. I think it feels a bit like milk tea with pearls.

Additionally, to commemorate the release of the new menu, there was an event where you could earn 3 additional stars by drinking Starbucks’ strawberry drink. The target drinks are Starbucks Strawberry Latte, Strawberry Lime Shaken Tea, Strawberry Jelly Bled, White Strawberry Cream Frappuccino, and Strawberry Yogurt Bled. *


2022 Starbucks promotional drinks and Food

Starbucks’ new menu for 2022 was revealed. Let’s summarize the new menu. Three types of promotional drinks were released, and excluding the existing Dolce Black Milk Tea, two types of drinks were released as promotional drinks, which stimulates curiosity.

New Year Citrus Tea

‘This is an inner piece concept tea that can be enjoyed when you want to find peace of mind as you welcome the new year.’ It contains lemon grease and citrus-flavored fruits and seems to use youthberry tea as the base.

– Lavender Beige Oat Latte

‘Creating a coffee routine for me and the planet’ This is a plant-based milk that is popular these days. Made with plant-based oats as a base, it is considered an environmentally friendly drink.

– Dolce Black Milk Tea

‘Fragrant and sweet taste with rich black tea, soft milk and condensed milk syrup.’ It is one of the existing Starbucks menu items.

2022 Starbucks promotional drinks


✔ [ Starbucks Food in 2022 ]

– Tiraamisu Tart

‘Tiramisu tart topped with mascarpone cream mousse with sweet milk ganache on top of a moist chocolate brownie tart.’

The taste is intriguing because it is tiramisu with brownie tart and mascarpone cream.

Tiraamisu Tart

– Black sesame cream cake

‘A cake with layers of black sesame cream between black sesame cake sheets’

It is said to have the same design as Starbucks’ red velvet cake. It can be seen as a layered cake that starts with black sesame seeds and ends with black sesame seeds.

– B.L.T Sandwich

‘B.L.T sandwich made with bacon (B), romaine lettuce (L), and tomato (T)’ It is a sandwich made with grain bread as the base and well-grilled onions with honey. It is said to have a soft and crunchy texture.

– Tiger Babka

This tiger babka is said to be ‘a soft and sweet bread made by adding caramel filling to chocolate babka that resembles a tiger pattern.’ It is said to taste like cinnamon bread.


2023 Latest Starbucks Diet Low-calorie Drinks

If there is a Starbucks near my office while working, I naturally drink a lot of Starbucks drinks. There are many delicious drinks, but there are also many that are too burdensome to drink. If you are concerned about the calories when drinking Starbucks drinks, we recommend Starbucks diet drinks!

– Ice Mint Blend Tea

The best thing about mint blend tea is that it has zero calories, sugar, and caffeine! It’s important to stay hydrated while working, so this drink is a great way to stay hydrated without any burden! If you care about your health, I recommend mint blend tea, which is very easy to drink rather than just water!

– English Breakfast Tea

The second tea I would recommend is English Breakfast Tea. As the name suggests, this is a type of tea suitable for drinking in the morning. It’s the perfect drink to wake you up and rehydrate while working in the morning with just the right amount of caffeine!

2023 Latest Starbucks Diet Low-calorie Drinks


– Earl Gray Tea

Thirdly, it’s Earl Gray Tea! For those who find the taste of English breakfast a bit awkward, I recommend Earl Gray Tea, which you can easily taste at restaurants or at home! Like English Breakfast Tea, it has 0 calories but contains about 50 calories, so it can be said to be a good drink to replenish moisture and provide adequate caffeine.

– Grapefruit Honey Black Tea

The fourth one is called Grapefruit Honey Black Tea aka G-Hubble! When you taste it, it tastes sweeter than you think, but the calories are less than 150 calories! This drink is so delicious that once you try it, you’ll keep drinking it! It can be said to be a good drink to replenish energy after lunch or when you are craving a sweet snack.

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